Monday, April 26, 2010

My Sweet Heart Cake

know, I know, its almost May so I need to get over these valentine themed cakes. I really wanted to give it a try though and I need the practice.
Since we are in Las Vegas right now we just happened to come on the weekend that my family does Extended F.H.E. On my way down I txt my Mom, since I don't have any minutes until tomorrow :), and asked if someone was already doing dessert. She called my lovely Aunt Brenda to check if she had asked anyone and well I volunteered me for the job. I was originally going to try and do the Las Vegas temple stenciled onto the cake, but I didn't have all the tools that I needed to do so. Instead since we are family and we all love each other (most of the time) I decided hearts it was.

Next time I will need to figure out a better way to do this. It looked great and no one wanted to cut into it because they didn't want to ruin it, but I yelled at them and told them that the "Master Piece" had all ready been photographed so dig in!!! However when people would cut into it the heart they were cutting into would like to follow with the piece of cake even if they tried to cut it in half. But this would be because it was pieced together and not a whole sheet of fondant like usual. I will have to put my mind to try and figure it out.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not Even Joking

We came in to Las Vegas sometime right after 6 pm last night. Not even joking Julie was on to the stairs. Her first try she went all the way to the half way point, it wasn't even difficult for her at all. So of course I thought about bringing the gate, but I didn't. We kind of left in a hurry and didn't really have time to pack. James got off work early and well surprised me and wanted to leave. Anyways Dad had some boxes and we decided to put them on the stairs. Nice idea but this is what Julie did.

This was her second time. The first was just the same. Except she didn't have the toy in her mouth.
James says we always new Julie was stronger, she just didn't develop the mechanics as quickly.
Well she developed them and she is off!!
We now have to rotate the boxes to stop her.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Shower

Being in a married student ward means that there can be multiply women pregnant at the same time. As of right now I think there are at least 6. Today there was a shower for 3 of these women.
On Tuesday I was handed an invitation for this baby shower that was held today (Thursday). As everyone that reads my blog on a regular base know I am trying to do cakes. I volunteered to make a cake because I wanted to do another one again, and well James is getting tired of eating cake :) (so much for trying to lose weight) I as well right now don't have tons of extra money to spend so I decided I wasn't going to bring a gift until I saw Amy's nursing cover. It gave me the idea to sew one for each of the ladies.
Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing. I had to run to the store to finish the covers and well this is what happens when I leave the girls with James.

I later spent the late evening trying to put together some of the fondant shapes that would be needed for the cake.

I got my inspiration from one of my new favorite websites . Of course mine didn't look exactly like there's, but for only my 4th cake and 2nd fondant cake I think I didn't pretty good. It took me from about 7 this morning until 1:20 this afternoon.

Just in time for the baby shower.

I sure am glad that I did it. Practice makes perfect. It tasted good and everyone seemed to like it.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been hearing stories of kids that are drawing with chalk on sidewalks and getting in trouble and students drawing on desks and being take to jail. Well I guess I am starting my tagger young.
James and I got Emjae chalk for Easter and this last week as been wonderful enough that we have been able to use it. So I guess I am grateful that we live in an area that's not on the streets so Emjae can draw all she wants.

However in our drawing adventures Emjae found a broken baby doll stroller and well she has found her new favorite toy for outside. We don't know who it belongs to but whoever it does, Thank you.

Its April not July silly!

Well Amy and Alex were going to leave on Saturday but ended up staying for Sunday. YAH! That evening we decided to try to do a cake because we had some new tips, and well Amy wanted to try some frosting in Blue and I wanted to see what the Red would turn out like since I would need to know for when I do Julies Ladybug cake. Needless to say our tips weren't quite the best and we don't have any flower nails so we tried on some parchment paper first but Amy started to put blue stars on the edge of the cake and then well I did red ribbon on the outside of that. Yep, we ended up with a cake for the Fourth of July. :)

It sure was fun doing though.

Palisade State Park

This last weekend we were lucky enough to see my Sister Amy with her husband Alex and little boy Erick again. We don't know what we are going to do when we don't get to see them every weekend :(
Our weekend started off with Amy and I trying to do Royal Icing. I must say I am not a fan. I don't think we had the right consistency to begin with and with out that then you can't do much.
Saturday we all were going to go fishing at 9 mile. The guys left before us girls and the kids, thank heavens! We get a phone call "Hey can you bring some water and chairs, we forgot to." Sure of course I can bring those things. A few minutes later "Hey can you bring some water, chairs, bug spray and marshmallows? The bugs are really bad out here." Well that was not what I was wanting to hear. Mosquitoes love me!! And I was not wanting to take my girls out there as well as Amy was not going to take Erick out there. We decided that we were going to drive the stuff out to the guys and then head back home since its only like a 20 minute drive.
We are almost to were they are and we see them pulled over to the side of the road. They have changed their minds and are now going to Palisade because it would just be better for the kids. UMMMM....I guess it was a great thing that I didn't bring anything for the girls! I did pack their sunscreen, but nothing and I mean nothing else!!! No diapers, no drinks, no food, nothing. We drove back into the little town a little way down the hill and went to the gas station. They only had size 2 and I need size 4. I asked the clerk if they had any somewhere else. She said she had some at home and asked a lady that was at the gas station to stay and watch it for a sec so she could go home and get some. Only in Utah!
We really had a great time! The weather was perfect, we rented a canoe,

there were little trails,

we fished,

and when Erik showed up he and Amy went and got some food for us. While they were gone I figured Emjae and I would go on a little hike. Yes we weren't exactly wearing the best shoes, Emjae in her sandals and me in my inch and a half flip flops. It sure was fun. Emjae got dirty and dusty and scrapped because she didn't want help. All she would say is "I got this, I got this" as she would fall on her butt. My stubborn child.

Needless to say when we left all our children were pooped!

Why is it that we have to find something that we can do here (Ephraim) and with Amy and Alex moving closer in a month and the weather finally being great and we are going to be moving? I will sure miss the times that we have with Amy and Alex. Especially since we have seen them every weekend for the last month.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I thought that I would give butter cream frosting a try. Well lets just say I need more practice with that and as of now I prefer fondant because its smoother.
The main reason I wanted to do the frosting was I wanted to try and do some flowers. Well I didn't really have the tip that everyone says you should use I don't think my frosting was the right consistency.

But oh well. Its all about trial and error and you have to start somewhere.
Of course I didn't have a box cake mix either so I made one by scratch. I had put almond extract in the frosting so I thought of doing an almond poppy seed cake. I wasn't really impressed with the recipe but another trial and error. I just think that it isn't as moist as I want. And of course James doesn't like poppy seed so I get to share my cake with others.

I will def be taking some of the cake decorating classes that they provide at Michael's. Now I just need the funds to do it.
P.S. I truly hope that Amy and I can really get well at this cake thing so we can start to do it as a small side business and then last night Trevor Kate and I decided that we are going to do a whole wedding thing. Amy and I will do cakes, Kate will do hair and photography and Trevor said he and the boys will have to learn how to arrange flowers. We will be able to take care of all your wedding needs :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things to come

Emjaes birthday cake and cupcakes

Julies Cake

I think I have found something that I will enjoy doing. I just would like to get a couple things now so I can be more prepared:
Gel dye (food coloring)
Gum Paste
Cookie Cutters
Pastry set (bag and tips)
More pans

Monday, April 12, 2010

What to do today?

I woke up this morning and didn't really know what I wanted to do. I was on Facebook looking at everyone's status and saw my sister in law's, sister in laws status that she had a yummy little contest for her photography blog (If you are confused my sister in law Kristin has a sister in law Michelle) I went to look at it, and unfortunately I don't live in Cali, but I saw the cute cakes and I thought...hmmm......wouldn't it be awesome if I could make a cake like that and do fondant on it and feel like I was a master baker and cake decorator?
First things first, I had to find a recipe for fondant. Thank you I found 3 different recipes for fondant and decided to try the first one. I didn't have 16 oz of marshmallows though, but I did have 10 oz so I figured out that a little over 5 cups of marshmallows is 8 oz. So I halved the recipe and there was plenty of fondant. It says that you are suppose to have it set overnight, but I didn't want to wait! I put it in the fridge while I made buttercream frosting and the cake( which ended up taking me an hour because I was talking to my sis). I pulled it out so it could come back to room temp about 10 minutes before the cakes were done.
After letting the cakes cool I put butter cream frosting over the middle and outsides of the cake.

Next I rolled out the fondant to put over the cake. I had to make sure that my table had enough powder sugar though. It started to stick while I was rolling it out which was not fun at all. So if you dare try, make sure you have enough powder sugar and don't be afraid to check under every once in a while.

I really wanted to do cute flowers and I was looking on line and it said I needed gum paste to mix with the fondant. Well I didn't have gum paste so I looked for a recipe for gum paste. Ya I didn't have what was needed. But its okay I didn't have flower cookie cutters either. I did how ever have heart shaped cookie cutters.

Ya I know its not valentines, but hey hearts aren't only for Valentines.

I am very well pleased with it. James came home on his lunch and he thought it looked good, but "Looks don't matter, what matters is how it taste." Well it passed the taste test. He said it tasted somewhat like one of the snow balls with out the coconut on the out side. I of course didn't want it left here at the apt since I had just made a cake last night and still have left overs. I sent it back to work with James. I hope everyone enjoys it :)
I feel accomplished today. least with the food, maybe I will take care of the apt tomorrow.
OH YEAH!!! Julie is like totally walking now. She is not just taking 2 steps at a time like my video showed. She can walk down the hall of our apt. more baby proofing here I come.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I was trying to think of something that we could do for Easter that can help bring in the remembrance of why he have it. Of course I couldn't think of anything until after Easter had passed. I'm not even sure if I like this idea and I am going to do it, but it was a thought. In some of the Easter Eggs instead of candy we will put things that deal with the death and resurrection of Christ. After we are done with the hunt we will open the eggs and then we can tell the story using the pieces that were in the eggs. I was thinking a piece of bread, a sacrament cup, some sort of thorn or crown, a cross, a stone, and then something that represents Christ being risen, and maybe a strip of paper that says how we can repent and live with God again.
I don't know. It was just an idea. But like I said it didn't happen this year. This Easter weekend was really nice though. Trevor and his wife Kate came up from Las Vegas and Amy and her husband Alex came down from Salt Lake, Erik was already here and unfortunately Paul was unable to attend. I think I'll give him a pass this year and next though since he is in Mexico serving a mission.

(Erik kneed Julie in the head, hence her face, Erik's face, and James finger)
The weekend started off Friday night with everyone showing up and all of us staying up pretty
late. Saturday morning was doughnuts and a family friend Justin and his wife Susan and baby Cooper coming down. The guys all went paint balling while us girls and kids stayed home and watched conference then headed to Wally World. I needed a few more things for Sunday breakfast and I hadn't gotten anything for Easter yet. Of course any paint balling trip would be incomplete with out a bbq after wards. The guys made it home just in time to start the grilling eat and shower and head off to the priesthood session. Which I am so grateful that my husband went. This is the first time since we have known each other that he has gone. Not to mention that he went willingly with out me asking. I do love my husband!
Easter morning was Oatmeal Bake with cream and peaches. delicious. Easter dinner was more of Easter Lunch since Trevor and Kate had to leave after the second session.

This was the first Easter that I have ever had without an older generation being there. It was a little different but it was nice.
After the second session we didn't really hide eggs, but we put eggs out in the house since it was still a bit chilly outside.

Julie was the first one to discover that there was something inside even before Emjae started.

No Emjae is not yelling, she was blowing a kiss.

We were unable to get a picture of both girls by themselves and their dresses.

To end our day James and I relaxed on the couch and played Dr. Mario (tetris).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elder Jones of the Seventy

I know that Sunday was conference and that there were many good talks given, but the Sunday before conference our ward had a member of the Seventy, Elder Jones.
Elder Jones was given about 15 minutes or so to talk to us during sacrament. I thought that his words were very inspiring and what was needed to be heard. He counseled us married couples (since I'm in a student married ward) to remember 3 things to have a successful marriage and life.
1. Follow ALL the words of the Prophets.
He then went on to explain that we don't get to pick and chose what words we want to follow. Just because it sounds weird or we don't agree with it, or understand it does not mean that we do not follow ALL his words. We also need to remember that even though we have one acting Prophet we sustain all the 12 apostles to be Prophets, Seers, and Revealators. Hearing this was something that I think not only I needed to hear. When they speak, they aren't just giving a talk on what they think or their opinion, they are the mouth pieces for the Lord and as such we need to take heed.
2. Marriage is an EQUAL PARTNERSHIP
There are many times in marriages where one person wants to go, buy, get, or do something and the other spouse does not want to. We were counseled that if we both do not agree then it does or should not happen. We spoke more so on financial things. There are many times when we disagree on wants and needs. If we as a couple do not agree on it then there can become problems with in. Like wise with raising children. We came from different families and were raised different ways. We need to agree upon the way that they are reared. One may work and one may be staying at home, but that does not mean that one is higher in standing than the other.
After he spoke on this he added a little side note the importance of having children. He asked us to pay attention the next time we went to the temple and how many times we are counseled to multiply and replenish.
3. Get out of DEBT and SAVE
There is no greater bondage on this earth than being enslaved to something or someone else. As we have debt we become enslaved to the creditor in making payments. If we start to fail on those payments we get certain things taken away, such as checks, homes, cars and other things. Yes, he said that school and homes are things that we will probably go in debt for, but that those things are needed. The less debt that we have the better off we will be. Save! put money away for savings. If we could put 10% away into a savings account how better off we would be. There are many times when things happen such as cars needing repairs, medical bills, unforeseen misfortunes. During those times it would be very handy to have some money already saved up for those expenses.

I am so grateful that we as Latter Day Saints have Apostles and a Prophet who can commune with God on behalf of our benefit. That there is still modern day revelation and the knowledge that we ourselves can commune with God. How blessed are we?! We have a knowledge that none else has, and as such it puts a great responsibility on us to share. As we better ourselves lets not forget to help and better those that are around us.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Before you read the rest of this blog entry I need to make it clear that I love my children and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world.
For the last 3 weeks or so, maybe even longer Julie has been waking up in the middle of the night at least 3 or 4 times, and for at least one of those times she will cry and cry and cry for at least an hour before she finally falls asleep again. It is so frustrating and I just don't know what to do. I want to beat the crap out of her because then I know why she is crying, but I never would do that. I want to cry because I am tired and there is nothing that I can do to calm her down and to stop her tears but crying wont amount to anything either.
Last night was horrible!!! Julie woke up numerous times, but around 3:30 a.m. she woke up and would not stop crying. I had gone to bed at midnight because I was trying to spend some time with James and so I was completely exhausted. I have tried using the Calms sleeping tablets for kids, I have tried using Teething Tablets and I have tried using a bottle. Nothing works!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!! I finally got fed up with it after 30 minutes of crying and I put her in her play pen and left the room. (James was with Emjae taking care of her) I went to the front room and watched the last 30 minutes of Food Challenge Sponge Bob cakes. Julie was still crying when I went back in there and I had calmed down some so I held her and after another 20 minutes she finally went to bed.
Julie makes me not want to have any more kids. I know that it is just but a short period of time and that my thinking isn't correct. I know that there will be more children to come, but after pure exhaustion from not getting sleep and then dealing with a crying baby and taking care of Emjae I some time wonder how single mothers do it and if I just have the most crying baby in the world.
I do love Julie, and I wish I knew why she cried as much as she does. I wonder if people living around me think I am such a horrible mom because they always hear crying coming from my apt, but at the same time I really could care less. I try and I try, that is all that I can do.
Julie please get over this crying stage!!!! and ASAP!!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


First Priceless Moment:
Sunday after church I forgot to put my shoes away.

yes they are on the wrong feet but she was parading around the whole apt.

Second Priceless Moment:
Emjae got a sucker without us knowing until she had it in her mouth so we had to buy it. And she was sharing with Julie in the car until she wanted it back. That is Emjae crying wanting it back.

this is Emjae throwing a temper tantrum because she was sharing and Julie wasn't wanting to share back.

And well eventually the temper tantrum stopped and Julie was in heaven. Her very first sucker.

Taking Care of Mom

I got very very sick on Thursday with the Flu. It was the worse I have ever had. Unfortunately I did not have insurance, but I felt so dehydrated that I felt I needed to go in and see a Doctor. Everything I was drinking was not staying in me. I was just one huge pipe. It went in and then it came out. Not to mention that I was completely exhausted. I woke up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep because the bathroom was calling my name the whole night and morning. By the time I got to the Dr.s the doctor said that if I had insurance that they would send me to the hospital to get and IV to rehydrate me but instead they would go the cheaper route and give me a shot in my butt!! OUCH!!!! that thing stung like nothing else! I almost fainted after they gave me the shot.
Well the next day I was feeling better but still exhausted. Luckily I was able to have my own manicurist come to my apt and do my nails. And it didn't cost me a cent because it was my lovely Emjae taking care of her Mom :)

Baby Steps

Julie is now a little over 8 months and she has taken two steps. I consider it as she is starting to walk.
It all started last Friday when she decided to stand up by herself. The first time she did it I was so amazed at how long she was standing up with out help. I tried to call James but he had just left the room to go get Emjae and he wasn't hurrying so by the time he got into her room picked her up and came back out Julie was on the ground again.
Yesterday however James came home for lunch and it looked like Julie was going to try and move her legs. I quickly grabbed the nearest recording device that was to me and well it was my phone. So that will explain why the video is sideways and not very clear. But hey I got it on camera :)

So it may be one month later than Emjae, but that one month longer has been nice. It is also great that even though James works that he was able to see her first steps with me. He would have never believed me otherwise :)