Monday, August 30, 2010


Thank you Lion King! I got a good laugh. Emjae and her fast and slow dancing and Julie with her Irish jig dance.
And in case you didn't get a close look at Julie's feet the second one shows it much better.

Do you remember when......?

Do you remember when you would get in the dryer? :) Emjae decided to get in the dryer by herself without us knowing, and well I started hearing yelling for Mom. I went to go check on her and she was inside the dryer. Now all she needs is pillows and blankets inside with her and an older sister so they can turn each other around :) Good memories from my child hood.
And for any of you that say I am a horrible parent or that this is such a safety hazard. I know, but please relax. If you stop your children from every safety hazard there is then your child will never have any fun and be stuck at home doing nothing!

Princess Peach

After church Emjae got on her now favorite bike, which is actually Uncle Trevors and Aunt Kates soon to be little girls bike. Any ways the boys thought that there were some similarities between Emjae and Princess Peach. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barefoot Park Day

My Mom had been working for the Census and so she would be gone pretty much all day. Which would leave me home and completely car-less, which is going to be normal pretty soon. However she has since finished working for them and last week she decided to take the girls to a park. It hadn't gotten too hot just yet, so we all got dressed and went to the park.
Emjae's favorite thing at the park is the swings. You would never guess that from her expression when she is on it :) but if you try to get her off, she will NOT have it! She loves swinging.

Julie however wants to do a little of both, swing and playground.

It was however starting to get a little hot in the sun so we went over to where the trees where. There was a slight breeze and it wasn't one of those heat breezes but a slight coolness to it when in the shade.
Now that we live in a house and an area where grass is pretty much nonexistent we had to have barefoot moment :)

I even got Emjae to wink by telling her to smile.

That's the only way she knows how to smile :)
Julie even did her mean/smile/kiss face :)

My girls love spending time with their Oma. Emjae for some reason has gotten into this stage where if she is outside and hears an airplane, she almost freaks out! She curls up and tries to hide.

She used to not do it, and just one day she freaked out about it. She can see them and point them out and be fine, but if she hears the noise they make she freaks out.
Julie of course loves Monkeys in the Tree, and even loves it more when it's with Oma.

We sure all do love Oma and I have decided when she leaves to go to Carson that there will be a lot more crying.

Night Night (HA HA HA HA)

Nap time and sleep time can be fun things around this house, not only because I get some quiet time but because I get a chance to laugh.

Emjae had been asleep for an hour and a half almost and we couldn't help ourselves. We wanted others to see our joy in making our sleeping kids smile. We were unable to get her to laugh like she did previously before we got the camera.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Home Evening

Lately we have been trying to do FHE every Monday. So far we have been doing pretty good. We start off with a song that Emjae sings in Nursery and have opening prayer then go into a short lesson. We finish with another song and then kneel to have closing and family prayer.
Most of the time our songs consist of either Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Monkeys Swinging in a Tree, Popcorn Popping, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and we are trying to introduce Hinges, and Book of Mormon Stories. Because of this, Julie will come running up to any grown person with her pointer and middle fingers together and start trying to make noises so you will start singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. She has most of the hand motions down. If she doesn't do that one she has one finger in the air swinging it side to side for Monkeys Swinging in the Tree and she's good with those motions too :)
Emjae now sees every Church building, even ones that aren't LDS and calls them Temples. At least she has the concept down.
We are enjoying our mini lessons and FHE. This last Monday however we didn't have a lesson. We made BROWNIES!!!!! YUM!!!!
Emjae did most of the mixing,

Julie helped spray the pan

and Julie ate most of the left over batter.

Emjae didn't want anything to do with the left over batter so James decided to put some on her arm which she tried to wipe off on my arm.

Little sneaky girl :)

This was after she tried to wipe it on me and she is laughing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Design

So I decided as soon as I found out that my sister in law Kate was pregnant that I was going to do her cake for the baby shower. I really haven't done many different tasting cakes except for my one experiment with making a almond poppyseed cake. It didn't turn out to good and so I was afraid to try and find a new recipe and Lemon, none the less. I am not a lemon cake fan, but this new recipe I found isn't bad at all. Not to Lemony but just a hint. That of course is only from the small taste I took, true judgement will come later.
I didn't want to do a boring circle or square cake and so I pulled out a small purple and blue box that my mom had given me while she was packing some of her things.

Who knew that I could turn these flat tiny sheets of metal into a paisley shape.
I also wanted to try some new fondant recipes. I had seen some recipes for buttercream fondant and I found two different kinds. I did a small batch of both and "Ladies and Gentlemen (in my announcer voice), We have found a winner!" One of them taste so good and I much prefer the taste of it over the marshmallow fondant. However I need to figure out the right consistency. It falls apart very easy. I however am willing to work on that. It also is a more shiny fondant as well, so I can still use the marshmallow fondant for cakes that I don't want glowing :)

You can see the small tear on this bottom picture. But hey, its a practice cake and I enjoyed making it.