Friday, April 24, 2009

Good News

So my grandpa decided...well... my grandma decided to tell my grandpa to upgrade the internet. They no longer have dial up (thank heavens), they now have high speed. I am so grateful for the little things. I don't have to ask someone to watch emjae while I run to the library to use the internet.
On a different note, we ended up not putting any money down on the apartment. James decided if we are going to be some where for a whole year we should probably like were we are. I have not gotten to see any of these places, but I trust my husband that he would know what I like. I just hope we find something soon. James feels like he's missing out on Emjaes growing and well he kinda is. He misses all the cute things unless I can catch it on my phone, and then of course she doesn't want to do any of the things when he is home on the weekends. She is just growing so fast. My great aunt Durley has taught Emjae to roar like a Tiger. It actually doesn't sound anything like one to me, but it is still the cutest thing ever.
I've decided since the weather has gotten better that Emjae and I are going to go on walks. The last 3 days I have gone around the cemetery atleast once. The first day I did it with my aunt brenda and she set the pace. Needless to say I had contractions all day from walking so fast and all the energy it took. I set the pace the next day and today. I need to do something and it gets me out of the house for 30 mins or so and Emjae does really well in the stroller.
I also decided I need to try and get Emjae to be able to fall asleep with out being cuddled and right next to me. I personally feel it will make things a little bit easier when Julie arrives in July. Everything I have read so far and everyone I have talked to says they all did the "let them cry" method. So...I started yesterday and it was ruff, todays first nap though seemed to go a little better. It still took around 20+ minutes, but she didn't cry the whole time. Hopefully, things will just get better. I hope I don't traumitize her too much.
Ok, so I know I have been promising pictures and now that the internet is fast enough I can do it. Well, the only problem is now I can't find the cord for the camera. So I will have to try and search for it and hopefully find it. If not I know I will see most of the family at Emjae's Birthday next weekend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick Update

Sorry no pictures yet. I am in Ephraim for the day and we are getting a picinic put together to go eat out on Manti Temple's lawn. Easter was really nice and Emjae had a cute little yellow dress. She is growing up so fast. She decided it would be fun to walk up the isle around the front and back down the other side before james got her. She just does not want to sit still. She cut her third tooth. It's the top left side, and now she is cutting 2 more teeth on the other side. 2 more weeks and she is one. I hope everyone will be able to make it to Vegas for her birthday, and don't forget your swim suits. The pool should be cleaned and the weather should be nice.
On a side note we are putting money down for an apartment. Its a 3 bedroom 1 bath here in ephraim. It will either be open the 1st or the 8th of May. Hopefully we get it and things will keep going the way they are suppose to.