Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review

Lets just first start out by saying thank you to all our families. With out there help and support James and I would not be where we are now.
We started this year at Uncle John's and Aunt Lisa's.

At the middle sort of end of February we had moved out and came back to Utah. James had gotten a job at Iworks and was living in Ephraim for a couple of months while Emjae and I were at Oma and Opa Greats house.
In May we found an apartment. It came with furniture which was nice since we only had beds. It also came with an amazing ward and bishopric. We moved in after Emjaes birthday in Las Vegas.

We also went camping with my side of the family and lets just say that was one rainy, stormy camping trip that we will never forget.

June was James birthday and he finally got his coal grill that he's wanted.

The 4th of July was spent up at Oma and Opa greats in Spanish Fork.

We finally had Julie after trying to be induced once before with her in July.

In August we got rid of the mazda and became proud owners of a 1991 chevy cavalier with help from our family and with guidance from our Bishop. Oh ya I can't forget that Trevor finally got a woman. Trevor and Kate were sealed for time and all eternity in Las Vegas.

That next day we blessed Julie.

I had to switch from breast milk to formula in september or october which in reality was better for both me and Julie.
October was my birthday and James surprised me by taking me to the Tournament of the Kings at the Excalibur.

We also got all dressed up to take the girls trunk or treating.

November we had thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house and I braved the crazy shoppers and did the day after thanksgiving day sales early in the morning. We also had Amy's baby shower and then I got sick with strep throat for almost a week.

James and I got our own first Christmas Tree and had such a wonderful time trying to keep it standing up. Amy and Alex finally had Erick "Peanut" Loa.

For Christmas we were able to have my parents come and visit as well as Helene and Jeremy.

And well for tonight, New Year's Eve we are having Brolin and Steffanie over. The plan is to eat and play games. I'm sure it will be fun.
Looking back on this year there is no way that I could not be grateful for every one that has been a support and help. I know that we have been truly blessed and we have so much to be grateful for. I know that as we live our lives the way Christ would want us to that he will continue to pour out blessings on me and my family. I pray as we start this new year that we will try to put Christ plan for us as our guide. May we forget the things of the world that take up our time from Christ and his work.
I love all of my family and I truly mean that. I hope the best for everyone this new year and can't wait to see everyone, hopefully sooner than later.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Joy of Holidays

I would like to think that our first Christmas in our own place this year went pretty well.
We were lucky enough to have Helene and Jeremy come to visit as well as have my parents here a few days before Helene got her and then on Christmas morning (thank heavens).
We didn't do any Christmas eve present opening, but we did do scones and honey butter. MMMMMM!!!!! It was so delicious. I'm glad James had the idea to do that for our Christmas Eve tradition.
Christmas morning as Emjae, Julie and I waited for my parents to arrive we got to open our Christmas Stockings. Note to self for next year: Not as many chocolates for Emjae. She just loved pulling everything out and then putting it back in. Around 9:15 Mom and Dad got here just as we were finishing pulling out and putting back everything from our stockings.

Mom helped hold Julie while I helped unwrap everything I wrapped, while James handed out the presents. Emjae did pretty well not opening any presents until Christmas morning. We had all the presents out for almost 2 weeks. Emjae opened a few presents and then she just wanted to play with the ones she had opened and forgot about the rest, until we opened and set up her table and chairs.

Julie tried to open the first one but she only ripped the paper as far as needed to get it to her mouth.

After we finished opening presents

James and I made breakfast burritos for everyone.
We also had pumpkin roll and almond rolls and muddy buddy's and another kind of corn chex mix that was given to us. Probably not the healthiest to eat all those things, but hey its the holidays.
The rest of the day consisted of playing Rock Band, playing Halo ODST, watching the Lakers get there butts kicked and just relaxing.

Poor Emjae and Julie are both sick though. Julie has a congested cough and runny nose. Emjae on the other hand has high fevers, runny nose, congested cough and difficulty breathing at night. We were up at 2:30 last night with her. I feel so horrible. It's the first time Emjae has been sick. It feels so horrible when you have done everything you can and you don't know what else to do.
We just gave her a blessing and doped her up on medicine and about 20 to 30 minutes later she was feeling better enough to want to get up and pick out a movie to watch. I figured go ahead, you will be able to relax and hopefully fall back asleep. James stayed up with her and they both fell asleep on the couch. The love of a dad!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Few Minutes in the Salanoa Home

The first video gets more brighter as it goes on. We dont have an amazing camera. hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Weather outside is Frightful

Oh my oh my oh my. Oh how I do not like the snow!!! And oh how I do not like the snow when I have to go somewhere with both girls by myself.
Monday was the night of our ward Christmas party because its finals week and we are in a college ward and they decided to have it sooner than latter. Monday was also the day of snow. It snowed sunday night all through Monday morning, Monday afternoon, and Monday night. James of course had work and so I was lucky enough to go to the party with the girls by myself. I get to the building and get Emjae out of the car, carry her over to the passenger side and put her in the front seat so that I can get Julies car seat out, then pick Emjae back up to go to our building where there is a note that says the party has been moved to another location. AWWWWW!!!!! I was lucky enough to do it all over again. The party was nice and the food was good and of course Emjae made a scene and clapped and said ya in the middle of peoples performances, but not much I can do about that.
Tuesday was a better day, there was no snowing. James and I needed to go shopping though so we got the girls ready and took them outside. I was hoping that Emjae wouldn't play in the snow since she just had jeans on and they would get wet and we were still headed somewhere, but dad's have different ideas in their heads then moms. When we got back Emjae played in the snow, well walked in the snow for a little bit. James would kick the snow and make a sound and so Emjae figured that's what you do to snow and did the same thing.

I guess I can't say I hate the snow because there are fun things to do in it, but I just really can't stand driving the Ephraim unplowed roads in it and trying to carry two kids in it.