Friday, July 31, 2009

Our helper

For those who have been wondering how Emjae is reacting to Julie, here is a little clip.

Emjae has been doing good so far. She likes to look at Julie as well as she tries to help as much as she can. She tries to pick Julie up and hold her when she is laying down, she tries to give a pacifier to her when she is sleeping, and as you just saw she tries to help burp Julie. When Julie is sleeping and starts to cry Emjae has to go check on her and make sure that everything is okay. Today at lunch Emjae was sitting in her high chair, which by the way she can climb into all by herself, and Julie started crying. My mom went to go grab Julie and Emjae wanted to hold her to try and help calm her down.

We haven't noticed any bad reactions yet. Emjae at times can seem to be a little more fussy, but I just think its the fact that she is tired because thats when she acts up. Emjae does however try to sit in Julie's little reclined chair that vibrates and bounces. We keep having to remind her that the chair is baby julies and that big girl Emjaes chair is up against the wall.

Over all things are still going good. We will just have to wait and see if that stays the same once my mom leaves. :/ But I will still be with her until the 16th of August. I am so grateful for all the help we have gotten.

Please don't forget that we are doing the blessing for Julie on the 16th of August in Las Vegas. Church is at 11, so we hope that as many family members can be there.

oh P.S. I think that Trey may have told Emjae about the whole belly button rub. Emjae loves playing with her belly button and sometimes will get upset if she has a onsie on cuz she can't get to it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Julie Christine

8lb 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long at 6:24 pm

this is someone from the nicu checking her

Emjae seeing her for the first time

Emjae wanted to see what was going on

trying to be a helper

4 generations

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pictures coming soon

To my much relief I had a baby. This time it only took 8 hrs instead of 15. woo hoo!!!!! The first half was the slowest as usual and then after I hit a 4 it took about 3 more hours and 7 pushes until Julie was here.
She decided to try and swallow before she was suppose to though and ended up swallowing fluid before she got out. The doctor had a few people from the NICU come in just to check on her and to make sure everything was ok. Finally after 30 minutes I got to hold her.
They moved me to my own room and by then it was getting close to Emjaes bed time so we didn't have any visitors. I had eaten a dinner that the hospital gave me, but was still hungry. Lucky for us the hospital was having omlete night. Oh my goodness. I had a ham bacon mushroom potatoes cheese omlete and it was tasty!!!!! It was very satisfying. I was so exhausted after I ate it and so James left around 10:30 11. I tried to go to sleep and I even had them take Julie to the nursery, but when they brought her in at 2 to eat I still hadn't gone to sleep, so I asked for some sleeping pills. And finally I went to sleep.
The next day Amy, Mom, Grandma Great and Emjae all came to the hospital. I wish I could have left that day but the doctor wanted me to stay till the next day just to keep an eye on Julie. She of course was doing much better, but they rather be safe then sorry. James showed up a little later so I was finally able to take a shower because he brought my stuff.
Later that afternoon James and Emjae went to the movies and saw Ice Age 3 and then went to the carnival in Spanish Fork. Apparently they went on a ride and they even played one of the games. James says they would walk by and Emjae would say Please Please Please. So he played a game and won a prize. The guy tried to give Emjae acouple different things but she kept turning away until he got a plastic beach ball. She grabbed it from him and they left.
Finally I got to leave thursday morning around 11. I was so happy to be leaving. We stopped off at Grandma Greats to show grandpa and aunt Durley and to pick up my prescriptions. Then we came home.
There is nothing like home! And there is nothing like not having the feeling of uncomfortableness!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So happy

I am so happy that I know for sure this time that when I go to the hospital today that I will not be sent home with out a baby. I will be there as long as it takes until Julie comes. The dr said they only induce twice and this is twice. So wether we get her here through a normal delivery or a c-section she is coming. I'm hoping for the first one, and the dr is hoping for that one too. I think with as long as it took me to get Emjae here that it will be the same with Julie. Things will get moving quicker as soon as they break my water and they are going to be doing that this time. Not to excited for the pain, but I know that I will only deal with it for a short period of time until I can get an epidural and then everything should be ok. I'm guessing I am going to have another 8 lb baby though.
oh on a side note I only gained 49 lbs this pregnancy instead of 50 like with Emjae.

Friday, July 17, 2009

update on Julie

To be honest there isn't really anything to update on. She is still inside of me and she is still not wanting to come out.
After being induced and in the hospital for 9:30 hours or so the doctors said nothing was changing and I wasn't dialating. My dr came and said I have 3 options. I can continue to try and be induced but because nothing was happening it could cause more harm to me and or the baby. The 2nd option was to do a c-section, but he didn't really want to since there was no medical reason and since I was still just 39 weeks. The 3rd was to send me home, and well thats what he did.
The last 3 hours of being there I was having really bad back pain. But I toughed it out and I guess its a good thing since they sent me home. I did really good not crying at the hospital, but as soon as we got home needless to say I was exhausted and drained both physically and mentally. I haven't been sleeping well for the past week now and then going through the "come on in and lets have a baby" and going home with nothing but contractions still and pain because of the pitocin isn't the best thing in the world.
I went to the dr's office two days later which was yesterday and we were hoping that because of the long time my uterus had been contracting that maybe it would through my body into doing it on its own and I would dialate. But I have now given up on my body dialating. The dr said nothing has changed and that he will see me monday. Monday will be 1 day before my 40 weeks and so he said that they will try and be more aggressive with trying to get me into labor. Which I am thinking means that we will try to induce again next week and this time we will break my water.
I am just coming to the conclusion that my body wants to stay a human incubator as long as possible. I went 42 weeks with emjae and it took 15 hrs to get her out and even then I was unpregnant for only a short period of time before I became an incubator again.
I am doing okay right now though. I just have come to the realization that I wont go into the hospital unless my water breaks, because then I know for sure that no one is sending me home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Julie here by wednesday?

At the latest she will be here by Wednesday. Such a relief. I had an appt today and well she is dropping down, Im just not dialating. So Tuesday the 14th the doctor has called for me to be induced. Yeah. Atleast I can see an end in sight. I am still crossing my fingers for this weekend, but since I haven't had any more contractions Im not counting on it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

waste of a full moon

So, its been said and there have been studies that the full moon will help bring on contractions and break pregnant womens water. Well I am just going to say what a waste of this full moon last night. The 6th I went to bed with contractions around 11 and woke up still having contractions about 7-10 minutes apart at 2:30. James, Emjae and I drove up to spanish fork, met up with my sister and the contractions slowed down and stopped. I couldn't fall asleep though because I was so uncomfortable. Later on the 7th I was having contractions again and called my doctors office. My doctor didn't come in until 2 so they told me to go to the hospital. Of course I go, and I have no contractions when I get there and they say Im only at a 2. Since Im only 38 weeks they sent me home.
Last night I was hoping and praying that something would happen. If my water breaks they can't send me home no matter how much I am dialated. Needless to say the only thing that woke me up last night was Emjae crying at 1:30. :( I have some stubborn babies that like to play games with me and my body.
My mom said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I told her she said "I hope you have a child like you" when I was growing up. And then I said "a" means 1 and I already had her, her name is Emjae.
God is still trying to teach me patience and probably will keep trying until I die. I am so hoping that she comes soon though. I am ready for it to be over.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

So I woke up thinking how great of a country we live in and how everyone says its the land of the free. Then it got me thinking about free agency and how we have the right to choose for ourselves, but in reality it isn't free. Everything that we have and everything that we are given all come with some sort of price. The men who died to make this land free was a huge cost. Just as with our agency. The man who died to make it all possible suffered and paid a huge debt for all man kind, not just for our country alone. It makes me grateful to know that I have the right to choose and that I need to make Christ's death not in vain and to choose the right.

Ok. Now that I have given my little insight our 4th was pretty nice. We drove up to Spanish Fork, which is about an hour away, and met up with Amy and Alex at my grandparents home. We were going to try and go to a park to have a bbq, but all the shady spots were taken surprise surprise. Everything was ok though because Grandma has a nice backyard and two big apple trees that we sat under and ate.

We had to get the chairs cleaned off first and I think that was the funnest part. The hose had a long neck attachment with a nice soft shower head end. Emjae started to try and play with it by getting her hands wet. I figured just strip her down to her diaper and let her play. So thats what we did. And she had so much fun. The rest of us just had about as much fun just watching her run back and forth.

After our fun Emjae had to get all dried off and dressed again.

She did how ever get a popsicle from dad before we ate. And of course she just didn't want one she tried to grab more and more.