Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter is one of those holidays were the true meaning can get lost in all of the Bunnies, Eggs, and Candy. I didn't do what I wanted to this year with a Easter Egg Hunt and having things that represent Christ and the Resurrection in some of the eggs so we could talk about it, but maybe next year. The girls will be older by then and hopefully they will listen and participate a little more.
I did however make them cute Easter dresses. I was foolish and did them on Saturday instead of trying to start earlier. But I only bought the fabric on Friday and that night is our Pizza night and we went out to New York Pizza and Pasta for dinner. (which is always AMAZING) So I didn't get to start it then.
The owners of New York Pizza and Pasta are from New York! It is literally a very friendly welcoming atmosphere. You walk in the door and the owner is sitting down at a table with some of the patrons and chatting it up. He of course makes it a goal to say hi to everyone that comes through the doors. You also have all the New York accents from everyone that works there. We started off with the garlic knots, which are to die for, and their tomato marinara sauce which is just heavenly, so much rich flavor and wonderful texture. For our main course we got their pizza rolls. The bread is probably the size of a medium pizza rolled up with tons of ooey gooey mozzarella cheese and what ever else you want. I like the Chicken parmigana roll and James gets the Pepperoni roll, the girls had cheeseburgers and oh those were thick and juicy too. Any ways, you can never finish a whole roll by yourself, which I think is a good thing because you have lunch the next day. Half of a roll takes up half of a to go box.
Where we were sitting you could tell that this spot is not hurting for customers. The customers they have are very loyal and almost everyone around us new the owner and you could tell this was a weekly ritual for most of them.
Saturday however I needed to get things done. We had to run a few errands in the morning and then I had to stop over at my Uncle Henry and Aunt Geneals house to pick up a mini muffin pan to make cute easter basket cookies for the Young Women.
I got home and started the dresses around 3 and finished them both around 11. It wouldn't have taken me so long except I had lining for the whole dress on both dresses. So It was like making 4 dresses. But it was worth it, I think ;)
For dinner we went back over to my aunt and uncles and had food over there. We brought ham, rice (of course), and oatmeal rolls. There was already pasta salad, potatoes, green salad, jello, and lamb that my uncle grilled and tasted amazing. We did not leave hungry :)