Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knee Problems

Sunday morning I noticed for like the 4th or 5th time that Emjae was limping in the morning. It seemed as if she had sprained her knee or ankle and didn't want any pressure on it. One of those mornings there was something on the bottom of her foot so I figured that was the problem. Another morning I thought she just must be sleeping on it weird and her leg is asleep, but Sunday I looked more closely at her knee and it was swollen. I didn't think anything of it because as the day would go on she would be running and putting more pressure on it and if you weren't watching the way she walked you wouldn't probably notice. She just wont or cant straighten her left knee out all the way.
We decided to take her to the Dr, because we have insurance and its better to be safe then sorry. Julie also had a really horrible diaper rash that didn't seem to want to get better so we took both of them. Apparently Julie has a yeast infection of sorts, and with the medicine being used the last two days it looks tons better already. However with Emjae the Dr, the best Dr I have ever known, Dr. LeSueur didn't know what the deal was. We went to go get X-rays and James was with her for that. I was outside listening to her cry. But then it was my turn to hold her and for James to hold Julie because they were going to draw blood. I had to hold her head and shoulders, someone had to hold her arm, and another nurse had to hold her legs so the nurse that needed to draw blood could do so. I almost cried. She was trying to kick and scream and get out. The blood work came back fine and they couldn't really tell anything with the X-rays so we were sent to a Specialist Dr. Kimball.
Dr. Kimball is a Orthopedic Surgeon. So as we had to explain the story of how we noticed it again he had her walk down the hall and watch her. We came back in and he felt her knee and noticed that it was a bit swollen and that she wouldn't straighten it even with pressure from him trying to and he came to a conclusion that it could be Discoid Lateral Meniscus. He explained it as the meniscus being a pancake instead of a half moon so that the joint can finish rotating. He set up an MRI for us.
We are scheduled for a 10:30 MRI. Well we were scheduled to start her sedation at 10:30. Out comes 2 nurses and another lady with a cart full of toys. Emjae saw all the stuff and as they tried to listen to her heart she started to cry. None of the toys were calming her down until out came the BUBBLES!!!! Emjae was much happier, that is until we had to hold her down for the IV. They tried to put it in her right hand twice. And it wasn't just a quick try. We were there for about 7 minutes on that hand. Then we switched to her left and it still took a while to get it in her vein but it finally did.

The nurses had to give her some fluids and Emjae was not wanting any of that. James would hold her and they would hide behind a curtain to put them in. It took about 8 minutes before she fell asleep, but she would still whimper every once in awhile. We were able to follow her down to the door of the MRI but we couldn't go in.

It took 45 minutes before it was done. We took her back to the area that we gave her the sedation and within 20 minutes she was starting to wake up or more so drink with her eyes closed. It reminded me of a sleeping baby eating. We weren't allowed to leave until she could keep down fluids and the on site Dr wanted to talk to Dr Kimball before we left. That kind of scared us a little, and when we were ready to go the nurse called the on site Dr and he came out to us. His name was Dr. Kendall.
We were informed that Emjae had fluid in her knee and that they needed to take it out right away. They hadn't gotten a hold of Dr Kimball, but they didn't want to wait. If there was an infection we need to know as soon as possible because it could cause more problems the longer it is in her joint. So we were rushed right over to the room they would remove the fluid. by the time we got there she had probably hadn't had any fluids for almost an hour. The nurses that gave her the sedation told us that its best to wait 2 hours before we try to sedate her and give her medicine so she wont feel anything or remember it. If we didn't wait that she could possibly throw up and have it go into her lungs with out us knowing, but the risk of trying to do the procedure without the medicines would be much worse. We took the risk and gave her the meds.
We were taken out of the room and 20 minutes later they were cleaning up the mess. They had to poke her twice to get the fluid out. They got about a teaspoon of fluid and it was a good sign that there was no puss.
We were taken to the pediatric recovery and were told we would probably being staying over night.

The lady with the cart of toys and goodies came by and checked on us again. All the nurses were calling her sleeping beauty and well we were given a dress up sleeping beauty dress. After the initial labs came back from the fluid it didn't show any signs of high white blood cell counts so they decided to send us home. We ended up going home with a tutu, a crown, a baby doll, bubbles, a dress, a coupon for free ice cream, and a black back.
When we got home Emjae seemed to be walking again. She woke up this morning with the usual walk she has been doing for awhile and it doesn't seem anything has changed. We went to the drs and they wanted to see us back on friday. By then they will have the results from the rest of the tests and if everything shows up negative then our next things are to figure out what caused this. There is a possibility of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, but we will have to go to a different specialist for that. Our appt is with our family doctor, and we will probably be having another appt Monday with Dr. Kimball the one who set up the MRI.
This is what her knee looks like right now. There are two dots and thats were they went in to draw out the fluid.

It looks really really swollen here but its not as swollen as this picture makes it seem. Its only because her knee is bent.
There are many unknowns, but we are not to scared. We have concerns and hope all is well, but we know that everything will be okay no matter what. We have done all that we can and we are doing all that the Lord is asking of us. It is in his hands and he has our best interest at heart. Thank you everyone for your prayers and your thoughts. Thank you grandma for watching Julie and for Amy coming down to help. I don't know what we would do with out a place to crash and people to help us out. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All about James

Thanks Dora for tagging me. Besides my kids this would be a top contender for my favorite things to talk about. So I dedicate this blog to my wonderful husband James.
  1. Where did you meet your husband?
    We met dancing at Club Vortex. I was with my friend Crystal and he wasn't around anyone but he came with a couple girls, one of whom was madly in love with him.
  2. How long did you date before you got married? Almost a year to the date from when he asked me to be his girlfriend
  3. How long have you been married? 2 years and 6 months
  4. What does he do to surprise you? Well some nights he gets off work early with out letting me know, other times he will do the dishes on a day that's not his, he'll clean up the house with out me asking and sometimes he'll come home with something I wanted but wouldn't buy myself.
  5. What is your favorite feature of his? I would have to agree with Dora. My mans hair. I think he looks good with long hair. His momma and my momma don't care for it, but oh well because he's mine and not theirs :)
  6. What is your favorite quality? His personality and dance moves. We are always having a fun time laughing and moving together, that's how we met. So why would we change our groove?
  7. Does he have a nickname for you? He calls me Mom, since we have the two little girls and when we call each other hun Emjae tries to call us hun too.
  8. What is his favorite food? His mom's Blueberry Torte, or meatballs and rice, baby back ribs from the outback, or my Chicken Alfredo, oh I can't forget chocolate chip cookies.
  9. What is his favorite sport? UCLA and Steelers football. Huge football fan, but loves playing basketball as well.
  10. When and where did you first kiss? March 2006 I think. It was the night before he was leaving to go to Cali. And it was on Temple Square in Salt Lake.
  11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We like to watch movies, play with the girls and we love to have our night time bed talks.
  12. Do you have children? Emjae and Julie our new loves.
  13. Does he have any hidden talents? He sings so good and he plays the guitar, he has a really good ear to catch and listen to a song and then be able to play it.
  14. How old is he? 27. He'll be 28 in 4 1/2 months.
  15. Who said I love you first? We disagree on this. I say he did and he says I did. It was a mutual thing.
  16. What is his favorite music? True Hip Hop is his favorite. He loves Mos Def and then Musiq. He is up to listen to any type of music.
  17. What do you admire most about him? Is ability to work hard and still come home and be an amazing husband, father, priesthood holder, and my best friend.
  18. What is his favorite color? If you ask him he wont give you a straight answer. It would be something like Red on me and Black on cars.
  19. Will he read this? Not unless I ask him to go on and look at it.
  20. People I tag? Since I have so many on lookers I would have to say AMY!!! Go get a sis, when you have the time of course.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting Off Good

So far the year is starting off good. But then again its only been 5 days. :) I am being optimistic and I know that attitude effects everything.

New Years Day we were going to try and go bowling as a family, but when you live in a town called Ephraim everything is closed all the time. So instead we all went to the church and watched James play basketball. Usually Julie sleeps the whole time we are there and Emjae takes her nap afterwards, but that's when he plays around 10 or 11. This time they played at 3. Julie was awake and Emjae was playing on the stage. She found a microphone on a stand that was all the way down and I don't know if she just remembered from christmas day when we played rock band, but she was holding on to it trying to reach up so she can sing into it. It was the cutest thing ever.
Julie was having fun rolling around on the stage. She has started the scooting back stage so probably in another month or two she will be crawling. But we had fun taking pictures with Emjae's sun glasses just as long as she didn't see.

When we got home Emjae just crashed on the couch.

Lately we have all been sleeping in until 9 which has been heaven and the other day both girls were sleeping on the bed and I had gotten up, James was on the couch sleeping. No, he wasn't in trouble :) Emjae decided to wake up at 5 in the morning and she was wide awake, so James and her went to the front to watch a movie. James fell asleep and Emjae was running around and then finally got into bed with me and fell asleep. Anyways, so I started to hear Julie stir but didn't get up because she does good just laying in bed for awhile. I then heard Emjae laughing every once in awhile and when I went in to check on them I had to hurry back out and get my camera.

I am just so happy that Emjae is playing more and more with Julie.
I find myself just enjoying and smiling at all the things they do. Who knew I could find such contentment in watching my girls.
We also are starting Julie on solids. Her first meal:

Okay it didn't look like this and we didn't give her the potatoes but this is what it looked like

My mom started telling me that I shouldn't give her so many things all at once and so now I have just taken up some oats and ground them up in my baby food grinder and we are feeding her oatmeal. She seems to be doing good with it and she hasn't spit any of it up yet. Julie is also holding her bottle by herself, so I am thinking of starting her on a sippy cup. We will just wait and see.