Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Naps

Sunday is the only day that James gets to really take a nap, and sometimes he doesn't even get to, but today he did.

In fact naps are not always on beds or couches. Just ask Emjae.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bumps in the road

I swear I will get around to a new post with pictures and everything, but I just wanted to write for a minute or two.
All you women that are wives and mothers I think will know what I am talking about for these few short minutes.
You know those times when things are just "off" in your marriage. It's not like you are turned off but things just aren't right? Well James and I have had a few weeks of being off. It has become difficult for us to connect. We were trains and a train station. He had his work train, then make his stop at the station to catch his connecting train to being a Ward Mission Leader, then make a stop at the station for food and rest. While I am at the station all day and once or twice a week get on a train and leave him at home so I can fulfill my calling as Young Women's Secretary.
We talked about this last weekend and realized we need to try and find more us time, and then we had another few days that went down hill. Nothing terrible, but nothing great and grand either. We talked again last night and had our disagreements and our sad times and my tears time (I'm emotional). It finally hit me that we are both being so selfish!! The only things we were concerned about were what we wanted to do and didn't care if it was helping out the other or making things easier for the other. Besides that we are always focused on the kids and their needs. We have stopped doing those kind things for the other unless we are asked and the special anythings don't happen.
Talking last night helped us realize we still have work and where we need to turn some of our energy too, which isn't always the easiest to have extra energy after a full day of work (wether outside or inside the home), church callings, and children. Realizing and acknowledging is the first step. And we are taking that first step together.
Some may think, why are you posting this, but everyone goes through these times and its nice to know that you aren't the only one.
I am grateful that even though there were tears and sadness that we were able to come to a realization and a solution to fix the problem. I'm glad that I am in a marriage that still needs work, I think if we had this marriage thing down after less than 3 years than there would be no excitement or opportunity to grow.
I love my husband, and my kids!! I wouldn't trade them for the world!!