Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mermorial Weekend

Emjaes first camping experience, and well in fact it was our first camping experience together. We ended up going camping with my whole family in Dixie natioanl forest.
Photobucket(james was taking the picture :( )
Its here in Utah right next to Capital Reef. It was about a 2 1/2 hr drive for us. We left Friday night after Ashley's graduation and got there around 11:30 pm. Let me just say my first experience at the camp site was not great. It was down pouring and Amy and Alex had to set up there tent because they just arrived 5 minutes before us and the same with Trevor, Kate and Paul. (Kate is Trevors fiance) I was so grateful that we were sharing a tent with my parents and they had it all set up and had the air mattress up and ready as well as they had blankets all put together for us. Not to mention that I was so grateful that I had Emjae and that we could go hide in the tent while everyone else had to help set up. It rained the whole night and was still sprinkling in the morning.
Erik and James made us all pancakes though. And I must say they were good.
After breakfast we had to head into town to find a laundry mat so we could put all the wet clothes in a dryer.
We headed back up to camp and well even though mom and dad had set up a little canopy over the table area we decided to still put up some more tarps to block the rain.
The whole weekend had thunderstorm warnings.
Sunday morning turned out to be nice. We ate breakfast and then decided to go hiking at capital reef. We ran into a herd of cows on our way there and well I think thats as close as I want to get to so many cows again.
We went on a nice little hike that was about a mile each way. The trail led to a rock arch. Alex went fishing instead, but all the boys and Kate were ahead of Mom, Amy and I. Amy and I are pregnant, and amy has asthma and well all 3 of us are so out of shape that there was no way we would be able to keep up with them. From time to time James would stop with Emjae and wait to make sure that us girls were okay.
We finally made it to the Arch and well James, Trevor, Erik, and Paul decide they want to go on top of the arch. They go ahead while the rest of us sit and wait and just enjoy the view.
After our hike we stopped by a petroglyph site. Amy was wondering if they were real or if people just carved them and said they were real. I guess we will never know in this life. We also stopped and took a picture of a pile of rocks called Chimney Rock.
When we got back to camp the weather was still pretty nice. The campsite was higher in elevation so we had clouds traveling through our site and then one big thunderstorm that brought in hail and rain and winds that we just were hoping would stop. After about 15 minutes or so it did and we were thankful.
Monday was everyones last day at camp. James and I were going to stay another night with mom and dad, but we all decided to just pack up and leave. Mom and Dad came up to Ephraim with us and stayed the night here and then left on Tuesday.
All in all the camping trip was fun. Emjae sure loved it. She just enjoyed being outside and taking people for walks around the camp site (literally she would grab someone by the finger and start taking them were she wanted).
Photobucket Photobucket
We are hoping to go camping again. I just hope Im not pregnant next time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Place

This is the front room looking in from the kitchen.
This is our kitchen.
This is our vanity area. As you can see there is a couch on the left that still needs to be moved and some stuff on it as well. We are just waiting for the 3rd bedroom to have all the 5 extra beds in it taken out.
This is Emjae's room. It looks crowded, but really it isn't.
And this is our bedroom. We need to just finish putting pictures up in here.
This is our home :) It may look small, but it is actually quiet roomy for us and there's open space so Emjae can run around inside.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Home

James, Emjae and I are now home! I want to first start off with thanking all of those who helped us get here (you know who you are). I next want to thank the people that helped move everything from the storage to the apartment.

James got the keys on Wednesday and they moved the stuff on Thursday. He had everything put in the front room and kitchen and the bed was put in our room. My plan was to head down on Friday, but plans hardly ever go as they are suppose to. My parents drove up Friday and we packed the stuff at Grandmas into the cars and came down on Saturday.

By the end of Saturday night we could see the front room floor the kitchen table and we had most of the things put away.

My parents are staying until monday afternoon and are helping us get everything put away, set up, and situated. They have been such a great help and I don't know if it would have been able to get done anywhere near as fast. No one wants me to do to much since I have been having contractions so I get to do what I can and everyone else has been doing the brunt work.

It will be nice to have everything finally situated and to have our home.

Thank You Dum Dum

Emjae got her 12 month shots on Thursday. She had to get 4 :( Photobucket
I as well had my prenatal visit. Grandma came with me and helped to watch Emjae while I was being measured and while Julie was getting her heart listened to. We got our check ups and then after everything was done Emjae got her shots. I held her just for a minute until I had to get my blood read for the glucose test. She fussed a minute and then after I came back out I grabbed her a Dum Dum sucker and she totally forgot about her shots she had just gotten. We got in the car to head back home and she knocked out. Photobucket
My poor little girl.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Emjae's Birthday

Happy Birthday Emjae!!

Today was a day full of fun. We were lucky enough to have a party over at Aunt Brenda's house, to have great weather and to have some of James family drive up! It started off everyone running behind, but it wasn't a problem because everyone ended up showing up right around the perfect time.
James and I had gotten some small water guns for the nephews so just in case they forgot the swimsuits or just in case the thunderstorm weather they predicted came true and no one would have gotten in the pool. But the weather was perfect and it didn't take long before all the boys were in their swimsuits and in the pool. Mom showed up not too much later and she had gotten a swim suit for Emjae. Needless to say that the cutest kids in the world were all in their swimsuits and in the pool.
James and Monty were at the grill cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. Everyone else was sitting around watching the boys play and just having a good time talking and mingling.
Emjae got tons of cute clothes, a bubble gun, a glow worm doll, a box set of blocks and a little push toys that plays music. All the kids loved the bubble gun and Emjae loved her push toy. PhotobucketPhotobucketbubbles
All the kids just played hard. I know that Emjae had fun and James and I sure enjoyed ourselves. I am so grateful for family and the fun times that we have together. Thank you to everyone that made it to Vegas, and those that couldn't, we missed you!!!