Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full Bed

I am come to love a full bed in the morning! Not a full size bed, but a bed filled with love and family. The last few mornings Emjae has been getting out of bed and coming and cuddling up next to us. Not to mention that Julie is already in bed with us, because that's about the only place she will sleep good anymore. Its not nice in the middle of the night when I am tossing and turning because I have no room to move around, or when I keep getting kicked or hit in the head from Julie moving around, and sometimes even Emjae in the middle of the night. But I love it when we wake up and the girls are both happy and start playing over us. It's one of those moments when you really love being Mom!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Last night was the final time that I will ever be able to watch a new episode of Lost. We have truly enjoyed watching it together as a family for the last year. (thank you Netflix) There were many people who invested 6 years, but thankfully we didn't have too and most of what we watched was commercial free :)
To celebrate the series finale we decided to have a few friends over and to have dinner then eat my wonderful cake! I started on Friday with making all of the symbols. I used Royal Icing and printed out some of the pictures of the different Dharma stations. I had to lay wax paper over the pictures

and then pipe in the icing.

I let them sit for a few days and by Sunday they were hard as candy, like they were suppose to be. After church I came home and finished my master piece!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Why do I have lipstick? I do not know why! I think maybe I will wear it, then I think maybe I wont. Who wants a kiss of pink on there skin? So why do I have lipstick? Maybe for the one or two times a month I put it on? Maybe for that special picture or occasion? No. I have lipstick for Emjae. So I can have a daughter paint herself with it and then try to change the color of the floor.

Why do I have lipstick? Well I have it no more!

Ask and it Shall be Given

There are probably going to be many things in my life that I will start and stop and then have to start again. I am hoping that the things I am starting again will not have a stop and will not need another again.
In Sacrament meeting there was a talk by one of the High Priest group leaders. He gave me new light into my struggles and my addictions. No I don't have any illegal addictions or anything that breaks the Word of Wisdom, per-say, but I do have an addictive love with FOOD. I enjoy baking, and eating breads! If you don't believe me just ask my Mother-in-law and she will tell you that she would be fat if I was still living with her because of all the treats that I love to make :) Anyways, the gentleman spoke about how we ourselves alone can not conquer our addictions what ever they may be. He gave a list from pornography, drugs, alcohol, gaming, and food. When we are in need of help, the greatest help we can get will come from God, our Father. He can heal the sick and make the lame to walk, so why can he not help you? I thought wait a minute, what?!?! Food? okay yeah I love food, but I can handle that obstacle by myself.
As I began to ponder on it, if I could handle it by myself then I would have it under control and I wouldn't munch on things because I am bored or because I just want something. It seems so meaningless and pathetic that I would need to ask for help with this, but when I thought about it aren't we counseled in Matthew 7:7 "ask and it shall be given"? Yes it may seem stupid to ask for something so meaningless, but it is a righteous desire of my heart to be healthy again. Heavenly Father is not only concerned with our spiritual well being, President Ezra Taft Benson said "Rest and physical exercise are essential..." How we feel physically affects how we feel emotionally. How we feel emotionally affects how we react or don't react. I have such wonderful news about Christ and his teachings and if I do not feel comfortable in my own skin, I wont feel comfortable going and sharing that message with others.
So yes, I have asked for help and I feel a stronger desire to succeed.
On top of my physical well being I am striving to read my scriptures daily and not only to have my personal prayers morning and night, but to have my family prayers morning and night. There is no reason why I should feel too tired or too busy to get down on my knees and to thank Heavenly Father for all that I am blessed with. How ungrateful I must seem at times because I forget to give thanks back to the Man who has made everything in my life possible.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Few More

I have recently done two more cakes and thought I would post them up.
This one was just so I could try and practice some different designs.

And this one was for the Ladies at IWorks that helped plan my Mother's Day Weekend.

I will also be posting two more cakes very soon. I am doing a cake for the Series Finale of LOST :,( and a cake for James birthday.

Monday, May 10, 2010


We now have a new favorite movie for Emjae. It was Finding Nemo, but it is now "I TROUBLE"
Yes it is the Incredibles. James came home from work one day after her birthday and Emjae was walking to her room looking at him saying "I trouble, I trouble." James was like, "No, you're not in trouble." Then comes Mom to the rescue, "Babe, she's saying Incredibles, not I in trouble."
When ever the movie finishes she comes out yelling I TROUBLE I TROUBLE. Needless to say I am pretty sure we are going to make this movie worn out from all its watching.
We do get a laugh every time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Emjae is 2!!!!

Wow how time flies, I just wish I new were it went.
Emjae officially turned 2 on Sunday, but since it was Sunday we had a party for her on Saturday. All the fun started on Friday. My Dad drove into town around 4 or 5 from Reno, Nevada (that's where he is staying right now until my Mom and Dad find a place in Carson). Amy and Alex showed up around 7. I was out trying to find Umbrella Toothpicks, since no where in Sanpete County carries any. Well at least that was how I felt. Walmart here had ZERO!!!! I figured "hey the Family Dollar should have some." Yeah that was a 15 minute drive, one way,was a waste of time. Kents, our local grocery store, had flower leighs and hawaiin themed plates, cups, napkins, and table cloths, but no toothpicks. Amy thought she should have called me the day before when she saw them at Walmart, but she didn't. The person that told me they had some failed to get a hold of me and I was pretty bumbed until I thought of Susan and Justin. They were coming down and well they brought some for the party on Saturday. Anyways Trevor, Kate , and Mom showed up around 1:30 just as Amy and I were cutting out Flowers and finishing baking the cup cakes.
Saturday morning I woke up early so I could start frosting. As I was in the shower to get ready our friend Steph came over to drop off 2 of her graduation tickets. I was not going to be able to go :( since I had to do so much still, but James and Emjae went to support :)

It took me a little over 2 hours to do frosting and decorate the cake with the help of Amy on the cup cakes. I must say I was pretty well pleased with my final product, except my palm trees. That one will take more practice. Here's a pic of the cake before the palm trees and umbrellas.

James and I were also able to get Emjae a toy we thought she would love, and well she not only loved it, but so did all of Tammy's grandkids, and even Julie.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs and chocolate cake, white cup cakes (because I love my dad), and of course ice cream!

We ate and then opened presents.

Emjae got tons! She got 3 outfits, lots of Chalk, Bubbles, a Pool, a big Green ball, a golf set, and a stuffed kitty cat doll.
Emjae had fun with Steph and the bubbles. She even got a bubble to come out all by herself.

I even think that taking everything down was fun for Emjae and James.

With everything said and done I think everything went really great!
Happy Birthday Emjae! We love you!