Monday, March 23, 2009


So I have about 18 minutes left on the computer. I am at the city library right now using the internet there because it takes me about 30 minutes to even open up my dashboard for my blog at my grandparents house. It sucks!!
Anyways James, Emjae and I are doing good. Emjae thinks please means she gets whatever she wants and she likes to use it to her advantage. She is so cute when she says it. She says it more like pweeessss. And sometimes will roll the s. She is just growing so fast. She is now used to my grandma, her great, and will stay with her at the house if I need to run some errands.
James is a supervisor at work and so far is still liking the job. He is actually excited to see were it will go because the company is expanding so fast. Hopefully it continues to expand while he is there. And yes he is still planning on going to school. He has not forgotten that and I will not let him forget that.
I'm doing good. I have more back pain this pregnancy, but my guess is that it is because of all the Emjae holding that I have been doing. Other than that this pregnancy is going pretty good. I'm 23 weeks now and am just getting bigger. Oh and I don't think I will ever get a break. This one is moving just as much if not more than what Emjae did. Oh the joys. I am truely excited to see how everything is going to come together.
We are still waiting for an apartment, but hopefully soon. I know that I can not stay where I am past May. I will go crazy. Things have been good so far, but I don't want to press my luck. I love and miss all of my family in California and all the birthdays. But hopefully we will all see each other in May in Vegas for Emjaes birthday. Ps. I'm not sure yet, but it may be a pool party for those that want to bring swim suits. pss. I will try to get some pictures up of Emjae soon.