Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Things happen for a reason and there are so many changes that will be happening in the next few months. If you don't already know James and I are expecting another baby. Ya, it may seem a little soon, but I am slowly becoming more excited about it. There is just so much going on right now with our little family and with extended family and with living situations that it was just another stress at the time. I am now more hopeful though.
James and I have decided that it was just time to get a move on. We knew we had to all along, this news just helped push it to the for front. For that I am happy. We had many options to chose from. Some were great opportunities and some would just help us get by. All of them would come with there own struggles and trials. We made a list, made a decision, prayed about it, and we decided to move to Utah. James is going to finish up his schooling and go into a career that he wants to. Not one that will help bring in tons of money right away or one that is just available.
We wanted to tell the family all of the news since only a few people new we were pregnant, so we asked everyone to come over to the house. It seemed that mom's not to excited about our move. I think she is just concerned for us and sees that there could be a lot of trials if we go back. She has always wanted all of her kids to be dependent and to be able to support their families.
On a personal note I am excited to move. Our plan is to have our own place. And I am so ready for that!!!! It has been very trying at times living with other families and not having my own space. Always having to worry about is the house clean, I have to clean up after emjae before people get home, and having such a small place to put all of our stuff. I have learned a lot, and am grateful for all that the families have done for us. It is just time for me to finally have my home. A home were my family and I can grow, can play, can be stress free from others, and just be us.
I will truly miss being close to family. Tj and Dora are always fun to be around and Dora just says that funniest things at times (you truly are a blonde at heart). Helene always has things going on and she loves seeing emjae I know that it will be hard to not be so close anymore. Monty, Kristin and the boys! Oh the doughnuts we eat when we are together. I don't think I will have them quite as often. And I know I am going to miss all the talks and conversations that we have. We aren't leaving until March so we have about a little over a month still here. But we know it is time for us to move and to do what we need to do.