Monday, June 23, 2008

The Love Between Husband and Wife

I am so grateful for my husband James. The things I put him through and the things he does for me and Emjae are so amazing. To some it probably wouldn't seem like a lot, but I have learned that the little things are what make great people.
Last night the 3 of us were suppose to drive half way to Vegas to drop off Emjae and Me. We were almost to the half way point to meet up with Amy and Alex, when I called them and found out that they were not even to Primm (state line almost) and had gotten a flat tire. They asked if we could just meet them in Primm and they would pay for our gas. I gave the phone to James so they could ask him because he was the one driving and he had work the next day. He said yes even though there was the traffic from people coming back to cali from vegas. As we got closer to Primm there was road construction and it was down to one lane. The traffic was so backed up and that was 20-30 miles away from Primm. When we finally got there and met up with them, the traffic was even backed up past Primm. I felt so horrible because he would have to drive back in that by himself. Amy and Alex did pay for the gas even though my husband tried to be sneaky and do it before we pulled up behind him.
I know that he was not happy at all, and in fact I'm pretty sure that I can say he was furious. He of course wouldn't show it, but I know him.
Him willing to do that for me shows the love that he has for me. He is willing to drive even farther then what was planned so that I can come to vegas to head up to utah for 5 days with out him. Im sad he can't come with us because I love when we do things together. But he knows that he has to work as well to support us, and there is another testament of the love he has.
This is a shot out to all the husbands who love their wives and do the small things. The small things do count!!!!! I love you James!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Time sure does fly

So my little girl is not so little anymore. She is 23 1/2" and she now weights around 14 lbs (I think) the scales adds on 14 more lbs when I am holding her.
Man how time flies by. Well James and I are still house sitting and having a nice time. I was suppose to have my 6 week post partum appt. yesterday at now 7 weeks, but they called and canceled it. So I called back, they couldn't tell me why so they told me to come in 30 minutes earlier then my appt. James and I got there and we could see why they had canceled it. There was an hour and a half wait past the time of what my appt was. We decided to reschedule. Thanks to my trip to Utah I am taking this coming Monday my new appt is July 1st. And Emjaes 2 month shot appt is July 2nd. So I get to sit at the doctors office on the 1st and then the 2nd. I am not to excited about that.
I am however excited for my trip to Utah. Amy, Emjae and I will be heading up this coming monday and coming back on friday. The main reason for this trip is that Paige (amys biological daughter) is having her birthday!
Paiges 2nd Birthday (This was her 2nd Birthday)
She is turning 3, and wow how time sure flies by. Amy also has made plans to stop off at The Point in Salt Lake. Her and Alex are having their reception there and she needs to check in on a few things. I am glad that I get to see this place. I've seen the pics, but being there in person will be so much better. I on the other hand have made some plans myself :) Of course its when Amy doesn't have any. I plan on seeing my friend Ashley. I think I can honestly say she is a best friend. We don't get to see each other often, but we have had our ups and our downs and we have had our trials and through it all after 12+ years we are still friends! Im also planning on seeing my boy Bobbie!! He and I became friends after I met his babies momma. He got me the job at Les Schwab and he was my only friend from utah that made it to my wedding out in Cali. Im just excited to see these people its been awhile. I have also been told that Paige wants to meet Emjae. After she saw pictures she wanted to come out here and see her. The only thing that I am not excited about it is the fact that James wont be going with us.
Other than that not to much has been going on and its been kinda nice. I was made the Young Womens 2nd Counselor and well I decided that I am going to be going to Girls Camp.
We needed to have 2 leaders and we had 1 lady from the ward who isn't even in young womens going since the leaders can't get work off or they have young kids who need running around. I didn't think I could go because Emjae, but they told me I could and well I wanted to go anyways. So Emjae and I are headed to the beach for girls camp this August. I am going to have to get some real good sun block for my little girl. I have never been to girls camp on a beach, so I am kinda excited. Other than that Young Womens is going great. I love my beehives and am excited to help my class presidency this up coming month to plan the activities. Im not sure any of them have planned an activity so it will be a great opportunity for them to learn some more leadership skills.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Paul's Graduation

Paul finally graduated!!!! My youngest brother is no longer in high school. It makes me think about how much older I keep getting. I know I'm not old compared to my husband :) but I still think of Paul as a little 13/14 yr old boy still passing the Sacrament. I must say CONGRATULATIONS to him though. He graduated with a Senior year GPA of 4.0! None of us kids did that. I just figure he learned from the 4 older siblings mistakes. So, Paul graduated with honors, an advanced degree, and to top it off he recieved the Principal's Award. Prinicipal's Award is only given to two senior students, one boy and one girl, who showed great academic, citizenship, leadership, and athletic skills.


Basically the principal chose Paul as the most well rounded boy in his Senior class. [us older kids showed him something right :) ]


Congratulations to my youngest Coker girl Claire!!! She graduated as well and with high honors.

What was suppose to be a one night stay in Vegas for Paul's graduation turned into a 3 night stay in Vegas. :) We were planning on leaving Las Vegas sometime on Thursday, but that didn't fit in to our agenda. Our choice was to leave early enough to be back in Hesperia before the Lakers game or leave after the Lakers game. Of course I chose after so I could spend some more time at my parents house. Our day was suppose to start after breakfast, but it didn't really start til 3. We had brought Poofy, the dog we are sitting, and well she was outside for a little bit of time and when I went out to go get her, she was gone. We spent almost an hour and a half to two hours looking for her. As soon as I get in a car and drive down the street to the car wash and gas station, there she was. The car wash people were taking care of her and so were all of the people at the car wash. I was so lucky. If we had lost her I would have been disowned by Lisa, John and the girls. Prayers do get answered. Amy, and Alex took the day off as well. They wanted to spend some time with us. I think they just didn't want to go to work and they used us as an excuse. Amy, Mom, Emjae and I went and ran some shopping errands while the boys went shooting. After the Lakers lost James really didn't want to drive home, and he asked me to reschedule my dr.s appointment. I didn't mind doing that because it gives me more time with the family, and I know they all love seeing Emjae. We then were going to leave Friday, and well we just are having to much fun and last night after hamburgers and fries during Spiderman 3 we all decided to introduce Amy to Ice Age. Amy had never seen any of the Ice Age's, so, we decided to bring her a little bit more up to date. The movie ended at 9:00 or so and I then asked James if we were going to be leaving. He just gives me that I don't want to decide look. He smiles and then looks away. Before I got into bed last night Amy and Alex asked if we were ever planning on leaving. I told them nope, we're just moving in. Oh how much stress would be relived from off us if we did.

This now takes us to our 4th day here in Vegas. Our days activities are suppose to consist of shooting, relaxing, and running just a few errands. It makes me glad to know that my husband enjoys spending time with my family and feels comfortable enough to just stay.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Up the Hill We Go

So I am just so amazed at how fast I can pack enough clothes for Emjae, James and Me for a trip. I was able to pack everything that we will need, plus a little more in 1 hour. I felt really good and thought, "If we had to get out of the house real quick for any reason I could get all the clothes and stuff for baby put in the car in 1 hour all by myself, and if James helps out then it can get done so much faster." I had to laugh, and I thought of my sister Kristin and how she probably does that for all 4 boys, Monty and herself while Monty is at work. When she comes to visit at the house I see her doing so much for the boys and I think wow there's Super Mom.

Well we are up in Hesperia and we are house sitting for Uncle John and Aunt Lisa. Lisa and the girls headed back East to go visit her family. James and I are going to be watching Poofy, their dog. I'm excited because it will be like James and Me have our own place and we can be just us, our small little family. I am not looking forward to having to drive back down on Sundays and Tuesdays for church and young womens. Oh well, the price I will have to pay to have 3 weeks of just James, Emjae and Me time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Emjae and James Big days

Emjae is now 1 month old today! I can't believe that she has been here with us that long. Then to add on top of everything it's also James birthday. The morning started off with me making James a breakfast sandwich to go, since he had to work. I put a card and a burnt cd in his car and he left for work. While he was at work TJ came and gave me a lift to the grocery store so I could get the ingredients for James Banana Cheese Cake that he wanted. It was my first time making it and I had to get the receipe from online, but it turned out pretty good, and James likes it. Of course James eats dessert before dinner, but life is so uncertain you have to eat dessert first every once in awhile.


This was the rest of the pie after James got to it.

We were going to go out to eat, but Emjae is being a little bit too fussy, so we ordered Olive Garden to go. Our plan is to top off the night watching National Treasure 2.

Yesterday was Emjae's Baby Blessing. Mom, Dad, Amy, Alex and Paul were able to make it down from Vegas

Photobucket Photobucket

and Monty, Kristin and the nephews were able to make it from up North. Photobucket

Grandma Salanoa made the dress for Emjae and it was just what I wanted. It looked so good, and Emjae was so adorable.


James gave the blessing and all the uncles and soon to be uncle with the grandpas were able to stand in the circle. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many worthy Priesthood holders and loving family members.


Some other news that happend was I got released from being a sunday school teacher and a Beehive advisor (teacher). I am now the 2nd counselor in the Young Womens which means I am still with the Beehives and am very grateful for that.

Oh ya Emjae has also rolled over 3 times now. She decided to roll over after we had put her in her crib. We laid her on her stomach to sleep and when she cried about 20 minutes later I come to check on her and she is on her back. James and I are so in trouble if she keeps developing so fast!!