Monday, October 4, 2010


Oh how the month of September has flown by!!!

I have made a new goal to update my blog at least once a week. Usually it isn't a difficult thing, but my computer is hooked up to the tv. I mainly use the house computer that is not hooked up to the tv, but my pictures aren't on that one because once my parents leave then my pictures leave with them and that computer. SO it is difficult to use my computer that is hooked to the tv when I have little kids running around and or I just don't want to be patient with how slow this computer is. :)
Now the month of September was a pretty fun month. We went to the lake twice, and we had visitors. Stephanie and her fiance Jasper came down and visited us for a weekend. It was our first time meeting Jasper, and even though he seemed quiet at first, he started to warm up towards the end and we are so excited for the two of them to be sealed for all time and eternity. We went to Lake Mojave for the first time with them and Nate and Sarah.

A few days later my sis Helene came and visited us for a lot longer than what she was planning :) She was planning on staying the night one night and then leaving the next day, but I told her she could stay longer if she wanted and she took me up on the offer. She stayed about 3 days longer than she planned, but I sure did enjoy spending time with her. She got to spend more time with the girls and she even helped me with my painting project of the front room.

The only down side to that was that she skipped out on visiting with TJ and Dora for a longer time. Sorry we kept her longer than planned TJ and Dora.

The next weekend my Sister Amy and her little family came down for the weekend as well as my parents came home too and Erik. We went to the lake with Amy, Alex, baby Erick, Alex's Dad, Stepmom, Grandma, my Mom and Dad, Erik, Trevor, Kate, and the Togiola's (in our ward). We had fun again.

Amy ended up staying for the rest of the week after her husband and Erik headed back up to Utah for work. She left early Saturday morning. The same Saturday as the Relief Society Broadcast.
This is were I decided that I needed to make a few adjustments and changes in my life. The main thing that I felt inspired to do was to start writing a journal, an actual pen and paper journal. They talked about the history of Relief Society quite a bit in the beginning of the session and I felt that without journal writings from our beginning Relief Society Sisters that we wouldn't know much. Now I don't think that I will become someone of great church history, or even get called to a general authority position, but my thoughts and my struggles may help those of my family in later generations. I like to use this blog for giving updates, but I don't feel that I can always or that I should always put down my personal feeling, thoughts, inspirations, or even struggles all on here. Those are things that people can look at and read once I have died :)