Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Helpers

So Monday we did cookies and when I started to make my cake for Young Womens I had plenty of hands :)
I think the girls enjoyed eating the powder sugar more than helping me make the fondant. They did however have fun.
Even with their little hands everywhere I think my cake turned out pretty good. Our Young Womens planning/scripture Jar Party was a Chinese theme. We had egg rolls and fried rice and mixed veggies. I was asked to bring the dessert. I had no idea what to make that was a chinese dessert so I decided to decorate a cake with a "Chinese" theme to it.
I got my inspiration from the internet of course. And if I had an amazing camera and a black background too then my cake would look just as awesome.
Thanks to my decorating skills I will now be teaching the girls how to decorate cakes for one of our activities.
Before I left James had told me that he wanted Black Balls when I got home. I knew of course what he was talking about but Helton, who was over, had no clue. They are actually called Peanut Butter Balls, but Tyrone Ioane named them Black Balls instead. And if you ask me whats in them and you are my cute nephews Kory and Kyle I will tell you that I put ant bones in them :)
Oh and the girls helped me with these too. Emjae loves making balls and Julie loves trying for a few seconds and then eating it.

Oh, how my Father in law Tini would say they are becoming little bakers like their Mom.


This last Monday we sure enjoyed our Family Home Evening. We made and decorated cookies and took some to a friend, Valerie, who isn't feeling well at this time and needed some love.

Monday, March 28, 2011


We have been pretty busy still with guest and visitors.
TJ and Dora stopped by for a weekend. Dora was flying out of town and TJ stayed a few nights with us. The girls had so much fun playing with Uncle TJ once they warmed up to him.

I think I also got TJ more convinced that coupons are great. He went shopping with me and I was able to purchase 4- 40 count Gain dryer sheets, 2- 64 oz Apple Juice, and 1- 96 oz Hawaiian Punch for only $.08. Needless to say he was so shocked. (P.S. that doesn't happen all the time)
After TJ went home my brother Erik came and stayed a little over a week. He needed to get away and it was great seeing him. We ended up going to Applebee's were the waitress tried hitting on him :) We went to the MWC Final Game with BYU and SDSU,

he laid out in the sun with Emjae

and we just enjoyed being with Uncle Erik even if he is the "Every last inch of me is covered with hair" uncle. (my singing voice)

So after hosting so many visitors at our house we decided it was someone else turn. We were planning on making a trip to California when Monty and Kristin came down, but plans change. We did miss seeing them though and understand that they couldn't make it. So instead of going to Cali, we made a trip to Utah. It worked out good since it was my Bro in law Alex birthday. For dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse, my second time ever and James first. I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR BREAD AND BUTTER!!!

We did not leave that place hungry. I had a pregnant food stomach after I left. Yeah, that probably wasn't the best thing to do, but oh man it was so worth it!

Messy Children

I never knew how messy or sneaky kids could be until I had my own. Nothing can be left unattended.
Almost empty plates,

pretty much empty out jars in the trash bag,

and of course mascara that is put away in a zipped bag in a drawer in you closed bedroom.

Do you notice who the culprit is most of the time?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I was at our extended Family Home Evening on Sunday night and one of my page stalkers commented on how I haven't updated in a long time. I informed her that my page no longer showed Christmas and Santa on his sleigh flying across my page :)
There are so many things that I want to be better on and about and I want to try and do all of them at once because I want to be able to do all of those things regularly and have it be a habit instead of a work in progress.
I have started to lose weight, which is funny that it took me so long to finally get my act together. So far I have lost 15 lbs. I am still working on it and some days are better than others. I am at a plateau right now and am going to have to start exercising again to help give the weight a kick goodbye. (One of the other things I was trying to work on)
The pass few weeks have been personally off weeks, meaning just I am off. I have no desire to get dressed besides my lounge pants and a old t shirt. I have no wear to go, nothing to do outside of my home and no one that comes over to visit. So I justify it by saying that no one is going to see me anyways so why even put forth the effort.Maybe I need to put a huge quote on my mirror that says JUST DO IT!!!!
Since Christmas our house has seen many a traveler. It seems almost every weekend we have had some one here. Mainly the month of February. There was one weekend that month were we did not have any guest. I was so done with entertaining, cooking, and cleaning. I wonder sometimes if people have just gotten more lazy as they get older or they just were always that way. Not all my guest were this way, but I did have a few. I don't mind sharing our home and helping people save money on a hotel room, but this isn't a hotel and you just can't leave your stuff lying around what ever room you want because I have to very curious little girls that count for 4 busy little hands. I am excited however for some guest that will be here in a couple of weeks!!
The girls are doing good. After a doctor bill over $500 for Julie popping out her elbow and popping it back in while we waited for x ray results, Emjae running a temp over 102 for over 24 hrs with no help of medicine and one fun filled week of fevers, coughs, ear infections, and runny noses they better darn right be doing good now!!! We still have runny noses, but I can handle that, I could handle it better if they both knew how to blow out their noses though :)
So there you go stalkers! Hope you enjoy knowing how we are doing :)
P.S. I needed someone to tell me that I needed to update