Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sacrament Helper

Today at church we were sitting there after the sacrament had been passed and the priesthood had passed by us to take the trays back up at the front. Well some how Emjae slipped out from my hands and booked it to the front, while laughing, going through the men standing there handing back the trays and almost up the stairs to where the bishopric was. Luckily I got her and as the guys were sitting down so they could be dismissed to sit with there families and I just sat down on the stair as well. I'm already embarrassed because I had to go through the guys to get her and then the bishop says thank you to the guys and the sister who tried to help pass as well. :) Needless to say I turned red, so very bright red. Thank you to Sister Emjae Salanoa and the wonderful embarrassing moment that it brought into my life.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life Insurance

I figured that we should look into getting life insurance because I didn't want to be one of those people that thought "I should have gotten that" after an accident occurs. Anyways I told James about it and he came home with some paperwork one day and then we talked to an agent. We figured out what coverage we needed and today we had our physicals.
The lady that was coming over to do it was 15 minutes late, which kind of upset me. We had to pee and get blood taken, answer some questions and get weighed and measured. Emjae wanted a band aid like mom and dad and kept pointing to her arm where ours were and saying owie. James' policy is more than mine for obvious reason (he's the provider).And because of the amount we have on him he had to take his shirt off and get plugged in.

He had an EKG test I think thats what its called. Emjae was scared and sat right next to the couch because she couldn't sit on dad. He was hooked up by the ankles, wrists, and his chest. 10 wires in all.
All worth it though to have that security and hopefully not need it while the kids are young.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Work of Art

So I must say I am pretty satisfied with myself. after 2 and a half days or so of work, my front room is new!!!! This is the old front room

ok so its a little messy I know, but with emjae around its always a tornado. :) and this is the new front room.

I made covers for each cushion and for the couches, the small pillows on them too, and even the drapes. I have to say Yah for Me!!!!
I think James is glad I'm done because he no longer has to hear the sewing machine and I can help more with the kids because Im not in the middle of something. I must say though that I think he always feels a little more gratitude towards me and what I do.
I will also say I'm glad it's done too. I can feel like I have new couches for only $50 instead of buying new ones, and personally I think it gives it a more homey feeling.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another great Blog

So I looking at My mommas Blog, and on her blog she had a link to another blog that I found very cool. It is They have a post up on how to get food storage for a year with only around 5 dollars a week. Its really neat and for those who want to start food storage its a great idea. Thought I would share the news. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Check out this Blog

Everyone must check out my moms blog. She has started a blog with helpful ideas, hints, and recipes. It is all things that can help us out during the ruff times and it can teach us how to be a little more self reliant. I will have a link on my page to get to her blog but if you would like to share this blog with any others that would be great. The more we can help and pass along knowledge the better we will be as a people.

Thank you Oma

My mom had gone to a baby type fair that had used clothes and toys. Well one of the things she picked up was a johnny jumper for Julie. If you watch closely in the background you can see Emjae sneaking a chair over to help james with the dishes. She loves being there to "help."

Fun in the Fall

Yesterday the girls, James, Erik and I drove up north to Grandmas. Poor Erik though. Our car is very small. it barely fits the 4 of us with out Erik, but he squeezed inbetween the two car seats and had to have his head tilted to one side or the other because he is to tall to sit in the back. :) That was what he had to do though for an hour if he wanted to go up north with us.
Our plan for the day was to help grandma great with some yard work because they have a nice size lawn front and back and many trees and many fruit trees. Grandma great is getting older and she has a hard time doing all of the work. When we got there she had filled up 3 big black trash bags already the previous week. I swear shes going to kill her self by pushing to hard to get things done. She was out of town this weekend so I decided that we had to take pictures to prove that we were there and that the work got done, because she will still be gone for awhile and when she comes back there will just be more leaves and more fruit on the ground again.
James cleaned out the gutters.

Amy, Emjae and I started raking the leaves.

Then Alex and James came in and helped.

Of course I thought the trees and the leaves on the ground were beautiful and so I had to take the opportunity for photos!!!!!

As we were preparing to leave and get everything in the car all of a sudden we hear a wheel moving sound. Yep sure enough Emjae climbed onto the lawnmower.

This is our finished product.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Girls

Emjae is now 18 months and Julie is 3 months. Oh how time flies by.
Some people at James office gave us matching outfits for the two girls when Julie was born. We put them in the outfits yesterday and took some pics. Hope you like them.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween was a pretty good night. Our ward is a bunch of young married couples and a few kids, but most of them are infants like Julie so they didn't do anything like a trunk or treat. Luckily the town of Ephraim is pretty small and James works with a guy in the regular family ward and stake. He told us about there stake trunk or treat and we decided to go do that.
Again this year I made the outfits for Emjae and the first time for Julie. Emjae got to be a BEE and Julie was a flower. I personally think the costumes are cute, but I am a little biased.

I told James I wanted him to dress up as well so he let me paint his face and he became Dracula.

I was going to be a Flinstone, but Erik and James didn't like the outfit so I just put on an afro wig and the Elvis glasses and a blue collared shirt. Not to creative like the others, but I only have so much creativity for one head.

Emjae seemed to have fun going car to car. She was a little shy at first and James was holding her the entire time, because as soon as we put her down she wouldn't walk. She would reach into her little pumpkin and say "candy" and try to start eating it. For the last 3 cars she realized when they held a bowl out to her that she was suppose to grab a piece and put it in her bucket.
When we got home Uncle Erik thought it would be funny to see if she would like a Warhead, the most sour candy out there that makes grown adults pucker and tear up.

Needless to say she didn't take anymore candy from him. She choose it out herself.

Oh how she has grown from the little spider that she was last year.