Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun at Oma's and Opa's

Well we're back! It was nice to be able to get away and have a little vacation. It was just sad that Emjae and I were by ourselves with out James for a whole week. I know that since I am more grown up and have my own little family that I appreciate the small things that my mom did for us while I was growing up. It was nice to be able to wake up in the morning with Emjae and go give her to play with Oma while I went back to sleep. Thanks Mom!

Emjae sure had a blast over in Vegas. She got to crawl on the ground with oma and opa,Photobucket she had a personal walker to walk her around the whole house, she had the tallest seat in the house, she met all her second cousins, she ate good food, she played in the sink,Photobucket she got to sit in the bishops seat, she got kisses from a boy at church and from grandma greats dog Precious and just had so much fun!! It is hard being the distance away from my family, but I know that she wont forget them. We arrived on sunday and monday when my dad came home from work, he opened the door and emjae smiled so big and started crawling to him. It was the cutest thing.

I will say the only thing she did not like was the play saucer. She loved all the toys around it and would stand up to play with them, but she did not want to be put in it. We could not understand it for the life of us. She wanted to be standing all the time so we thought it would be great! We were so wrong and I am glad we were able to borrow one before mom was able to go and buy one. The only time she really liked it was when she was eating or really really happy, and even then it would only be for 5 minutes or so. PhotobucketMy crazy child!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amy's Bridal Shower

Today was Amy's Bridal Shower, the whole reason I was here in Vegas this week.Photobucket It was payback time. Amy did my shower and in the do you know your fiance game she tricked me on acouple of questions. I asked Alex 16 questions and he said that was an odd number so we came up with 4 more questions. Out of 20 questions Amy only got 8 right!! HAHAHA!!!! We also played What's On the Platter, Do you know the Bride, and Name that movie and song title. Over all I think everything went pretty well. I made Oreo Truffles which were demolished as soon as everyone got there, mom made spinach dip and that was a hit as well, we had fruit and chicken salad crossant sandwiches. PhotobucketFor Amy's cake we made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I did the decorating on the cake and I thought it was cute.Photobucket Everyone enjoyed themselves! I'm just glad I was able to come down and help out and throw the shower for my sister. I love you Amy!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's no coincidence!

I have a super baby!! I am doing dishes in the kitchen and Emjae stands up and lets go of my shorts and this time she took two steps forward before she fell down. Those socks she had on her feet probably didn't help anything either. I have no idea what I am going to do! She is doing so much better with her crawling. She will go from the front room to the stairs to the kitchen, back into the front room and do it all over again. She is even trying to climb up the stairs. She can get herself fully on the first step and then she starts to cry for help.
The funny thing is that I went to a WIC appointment acouple of weeks ago and they told me I shouldn't be giving her anything but the breast milk. I said well I have given her some things already like bread and even some brocolli and chicken smashed in my baby food grinder. The worker gives me a pamphlet that tells me that I shouldn't give her anything until she is 6 months and can do a list of things. I look at the list and it says can sit up with support (yep, been doing that since 3 1/2 months), can hold head up for long periods (yep, since she was born), close mouth over spoon (check), keep food in mouth (check), crawls(yep). I then was like, ummmm....ya, shes doing all those things and she's been doing those things for a while. I just thought it was funny.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's Standing

This morning I received such a big surprise! Im sitting on my parents bed and Emjae has pulled herself onto the wall. Not the surpise yet! She then goes to holding her self with one hand and then NO HANDS!!!! She stood there for about 3 seconds!! I could not believe it!! Doesn't she know she isn't suppose to be able to do that yet? Then she went over to the bed and pulled herself up again. She was trying to let go but didn't quiet have her balance. I am hoping this was just a one time fluke, but we will find out soon enough.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sleeping Buddies?

Where have my sleeping buddies gone? For my birthday my parents got me a play pen for Emjae! I was so excited! This all means that James and I get our bed back. So there are only 2 people instead of 3 in the bed. The only thing I miss is her cuddling next to me. I didn't think that I would miss it, but I do. I don't miss the Cindy sandwich that James and Emjae would make so much, I just miss certain parts of it. Now to top it all off James got a job at Target and he will be working the grave yard shift. So now I don't even get to sleep with my husband to often. I don't have any sleeping buddies. I don't want Emjae to get use to sleeping in the bed with us. James doesn't have a full schedule yet, but I am in vegas this whole week and James isn't. :( It is wierd and not something I like sleeping by myself. The sacrifices we make.

On a positive note I am in Vegas with my family. Amy's bridal shower is this weekend and I am in charge of it. So I get to help out this whole week with everything. YAH!!!!!!