Saturday, October 17, 2009

Almost a quarter of a century

So I had my birthday on the 15th and I've decided that birthdays are so much more exciting when you are a kid. It was still a great day. James the girls and I drove down to Vegas in our tiny little new car after he got off work on wednesday night.
We got into town around 1 in the morning and of course the girls are wide awake and Oma and Opa were happy to see them. All of us were exhausted and so everyone went to bed except Julie, and I was the lucky one that got to stay up until she fell asleep at 3. All I have to say is thank you for grandparents. They love grandkids and are willing to take them in the morning so I can get some sleep. I pretty much didn't do much all day except just relax. Later that evening James surprised me by taking me to the Tournament of the Kings.

I figured that was the surprise and that was where we were going but I wasn't sure until we were driving in front of the Excalibur Casino. If you have not been I would recommend going. The food was good and the entertainment was great. We were fed Tomato soup (which surprisingly was great), a full Cornish game hen, broccoli, some potato wedges and a roll. We were in the Czar of Russia's crowd. Our guy was a total Rebel.

For my birthday cake we came home and my mom had made a cherry pineapple dump cake. YUM YUM!!!! I have wanted that since I came home from the hospital with Julie almost 3 months ago. And I can now have it.
Friday night James and I went out again but with Trevor, Kate, Nate(my brother in vegas from another mother) and his fiance Sarah. This time it was Trevor and Kates present to me. We went to Cici's Pizza and we just devoured there cinnamon rolls! That is the best thing they got there. After we were there for awhile we went and saw Couples Retreat. It came out on friday night and we wanted to see it. I thought it was a pretty good movie. Its more than just a comedy, there are serious parts in it as well. I would have to say my favorite line in the movie was, "I'll just holster that." once you see it, then you will get it.

Saturday we were suppose to go out to dinner with Mom, her brother Danny, his Wife,
Monty, Kristen and the boys, but things changed. I would have to say the night was a frustrating night. It was difficult to enjoy myself.

We had made reservations for P.F. Changs because James was told some one was craving it :) Our reservation was for 6:30. We find out at 6 that Monty Kristen and the gang wont be making it there anymore. Totally understandable. I personally wouldn't want to make the drive if I was pregnant and had 4 boys to meet someone that they probably wouldn't have much in common with. So with that sad news we then find out that mom is not going to make it on time. We were across the street watching the water show at the Bellagio and told mom to meet us there. Well she ended up driving past it and going way farther down on the strip then needed. The ironic thing is that James uncle and aunt were staying at that hotel. Of course I didn't think we would be standing up for so long outside in the heat and well I had to feed Julie standing up with a backpack on my back to hold diapers. so all of those things combined added to more body heat. I was not happy at all!! We had to change our dinner reservations til 8:30 because that was the next available spot which ends up being 9:30 utah time. Finally mom showed up around 7:50 and I am starving!!!! Emjae is hungry and wants to run around and I don't think I was to friendly. We were seated around 8:20 and didn't get our food til almost 9. Talk about a frustrated evening. Oh not to mention that we were at somewhat a big booth table and it was so noisy and loud that we could hardly hear across the table.

On a different note how about an update now. I am giving Julie formula. :( It makes me sad at times to think about it, but there are just so many pros and cons. I was going back and forth about it. Julie was a very fussy and gassy baby when I was breast feeding. I was unable to eat or drink anything dairy, and I mean anything at all dairy. then there was all the beans and fruits and some veggies that I could not have either. Then there were times that I wouldn't eat any of those things and she was still crying because of gas. I felt so horrible. I decided to go ahead and give formula a try and she has done a 180. She poops regularly now, she isn't anywhere near as fussy and she smiles a lot more. All of this makes for a happier mom. I'm not as stressed and I can eat things without having to worry or pay for it later.

Julie is our little chunky! She is so adorable and so talkative. She talks more then any other baby I know. It is so funny how opposite her and Emjae are. We can already see her little personality.
Emjae is growing and talking more and she's every ones little shadow. She loves to dance and she is going to be trouble. I don't' know where she learned it, but she does this little booty drop dance. It would be funny and it is, but one can only hope she forgets it when she is older.