Monday, August 25, 2008


Today has been a busy day for Emjae. She is now rolling over consistenly from her back to her stomach and she seems to only do it when no one is watching. This morning I put her on the floor and went to my bedroom for a quick sec and when I came out she was on her stomach. I went to go tell James, but he was still sleeping. It is so exciting seeing her do these things. She even now is holding up her stomach as well as her head.
Im guessing pretty soon she will be crawling and moving like crazy. The next milestone dad isn't happy about and didn't think it would happen for a long time, but yesterday Emjae held hands and even shared her hand eating with the bishops grandson Noah.
James says she can't see him anymore and I just think its cute and hillarious.

So other than that things are going well still for James and I. Aunt Lisa and Uncle John bought a swinger for Emjae on Saturday.
She seems to like it, but she loves leaning forward in it. Since she leans over so much to the front the chair doesn't seem to rock as muchPhotobucket.
It is a nice gift though and we are grateful for it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thank you

I want to say thank you to my family. For the support and love they give. For their not asking questions and just supporting James and I in our decisions, even if they don't always agree. And for their positive attitudes and out look on situations that arise. I want to say thank you to my brother in law Monty. For being there as a big brother to James and listening to him and trying to always do what he can even though he isn't directly here where we are. I would like to thank Tj and Dora for holding Emjae and for trying to help the situation. I want to say thank you to my Heavenly Father. If it wasn't for him I don't know where we would be. He is a constant support and a constant friend through all things. I know that through the faith that I exercise in him that he will continue to bless us. I also know that when we do all that we can and feel like we can't go on, he helps us to continue on until he is ready to give us the blessings he has promised. I want to thank my husband. For his standing up for me and being there as my husband, my friend, and my eternal companion. The love and thankfulness I have for these people will always be there for these people. It is in our darkest hours when the light shines through.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Camp

Yesterday was the first day of Girls camp. I was suppose to be going and being a unit mom for the "C Monsters," but last Tuesday I found out that after they told me I could go so many times, I really couldn't go. Someone found paperwork somewhere saying its a liability to take Emjae, and then they said I wouldn't be able to focus on the girls because I have a baby. I was so heart broken and so where the girls from the ward. In fact I was going to be the only leader or even adult that was going from the ward. So we have 2 unit moms from the other Samoan ward. Last night though I and the rest of the Young Women Presidency went to camp to go check in and spend the evening with the girls. They were so happy we came! It was also Emjaes first beach experience. Not to much excitement from her because she was all bundled up, but it none the less was her first time at the beach.
The girls are camping right on the beach and are loving it. At least they say they are. It was getting pretty cold when we were there. I had Emjae all bundled up and I had to feed her in one of the tents.
But I guess we will find out what the girls really think about staying on the beach when we go back up Thursday night for Bishops night. The Presidency and I stayed for their Family Home Evening/ Fireside they had and the Stake YW Presidency was in charge. The 2nd counselor did such a great job talking about staying morally clean and not rushing through life, the first counselor talked about peer pressure and how we need to not give in to what the world thinks or says. She gave a hand-out with a beautiful song called Beautiful to Him

So much noise
so much peace destroyed
I can hardly hear the voice
Leading me through the void
So much Noise

The world's little lies
Destruction in disguise
Opportunities to compromise
To make me beautiful in their eyes
But I'm not going to buy
The world's little lies


'Cause I define myself and find my beauty in
the light he gives
I'm refined by His divine intentions every day I live
It doesn't matter what the world believes
Or what they say that beauty means
It comes from within
I want to be beautiful to him

He's given me His trust
So I'll be strong enough
To run from a dangerous tough
I don't need that kind of love
I don't need that crutch
He's given me His Trust


I know how to shine
My life's not really mine
It's not about a worldly climb
It's all about his design
So in His eyes
I want to shine


I want to live to have His peace
And feel the holiness He sees
It comes from within
I want to be beautiful to Him

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Engagement pics

So I love my sister and her fiance!!! They got tires put on my car and brought it down from Vegas. They have done so much to help James and I that I was more than willing to take their engagement pics. On Saturday we went to the Etiwanda building and took some pics for them.
I had fun and so did Emjae. Of course she got a little jealous since she wasn't getting pictures taken so she decided to jump in a few of them.
Even after her pics she decided to try and start rock climbing.

Amy and Alex love their little niece so they didn't mind her jumping in a bit.
Saturday was also Uncle John's birthday. He is now an old man and the family up threw a bbq. There was tons of food. We had chicken, ribs, pork steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and some other samoan foods. We had a good day and Emjae was a happy baby.

Today Emjae has been a little fussy this evening. She looked so cute today though!!
And she thinks her car seat is a sleeping seat, so of course on our way to church she fell asleep.
She is just to adorable at times!!!