Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 50th

Saturday we celebrated my Uncle Henry's 50th birthday. His birthday was almost 2 weeks prior, but it was a surprise party :) The whole theme was a luau. When he came over to the house across the street to help move something on the patio we were off to the side with the Hawaii 5-0 theme music playing and yelled surprise!! He truly was surprised!
Since it was a luau theme I was thinking of doing a volcano cake, but Helton convinced me to do a roasted pig cake instead (since they weren't going to have one).
It didn't turn out how I really wanted, but it still looked good. Some people said, "it looks to gross I just can't eat it," some one else said "that's to real for me." So I guess it looked better than I thought.

James had asked a few boys from the Samoan branch to do a dance and they said they would, but it was ill planned and much more ill executed. So James and I ended up doing some dance stuff. We started off with helping my Uncle Henry and Aunt Geneal do a lit bit of a "fruit salad," as James called it. He would say pineapple and you would move your hips to the right, orange for the left and banana for the front. Everyone got a kick out of it. Aunt Geneal said "how do you do banana?" She tried to do it and then Uncle Henry said "I've seen you do it better than that." :) So after their short little dance, James and I did a bit of a Tahitian dance. I did pretty good until the music started going really really fast and my thighs decided to burn like crazy. Everyone enjoyed it though, including us.

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