Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween is a coming!!

You may find me wierd, and well I may be a bit, but I love halloween!!! I LOVE Halloween!! I think I love the decorating, the candy, the haunted house, the trying to be brave, but hoping to be scared, and making cute outfits for my kids!!!
Talking with my Sis, Kate, we decided we want to have a halloween party this year! I have been so psyched since then! If I could I would start putting up decorations right now!!! I want to sell everything I can to get money for decorations, meaning fabrics, candles, fake bones, and paint to make my own tombstones.
I know my front yard would be perfect for a grave.
Cemetery Kit
I have rocks throughout the whole front yard, not to mention the perfect tree for my ghost to play.

And of course you know that every spooky graveyard needs bats!

And that is only for the outside! In the front room I want to put up a fence along the walls.

I have, well...the best way to describe it is plant hanging hooks in the front room. What better way to put them to use than to put chandeliers hanging from them.
Silhouette Chandelier With Glow-In-The Dark Flames
Other things I am in love with:
    Witches’ Legs Cupcake Picks

I am going to make the candles (already have the white candles from my wedding) and yes I want the candle holder too.

James thinks this next one would scare the girls to death, and well my plan would be to put it right on the walking area into the kitchen :) (kind of like a do not enter sign for the girls)
This would be perfect for an invite to the party that Kate and I want to throw.

And there it is, a small portion of what I want. Yes I know there is a difference between wants and needs, but one day I will have some of these things.


The Lyons' said...

you and me both! When is it too early to decorate? Labor has come and gone!!!

tJ-n-theodora-salanoa said...

this.... along with the pig cake was........ Interesting:-/ Best word I could think

Monty and Kristin said...

I love the new family picture on your header!! So cute. Anyway...have fun!!