Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy Busy

I still need to update with pictures from when we went camping over Labor Day weekend. However this was not the day to this.

Today was a day of baking and running errands. It started off with my Mormon Mimosa and an almond poppy seed muffin ;) I needed a pick-me-up after an early morning.

And of course tonight is Young Womens, which I am excited about, and I was asked to make cookies. I have wanted to try this new recipe for awhile, but I haven't had some of the ingredients or I wasn't in the mood. So my young women are my guinea pigs. With my list of other things to do I decided to make these first.

Next on the list was cinnamon rolls. I usually would not decide to make them unless I was asked, and well last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and it was transfer day and so every transfer I make cinnamon rolls for the missionaries...however...the only thing that Elder McClure said he wanted was cinnamon rolls and I needed the oven for tater tots to finish off the dinner, you can guess what won. I promised the Elders cinnamon rolls for today for lunch.

After the baking was done and the Elders had come we (Amy, all 3 kids and I) went to Michael's. We needed to get a few things for a cake we are being hired to make!! Yeah!!!! My first paid cake!!!
On to the craft store that carried butcher paper for my fence in the front room :) (that will be another post)
 So my day wasn't totally swamped, but we came home and I left to head to the dentist. I had gotten two teeth filled recently and may I say that before I went and got them filled I was in NO PAIN. However I have been for the last week. He ended up filing down one of the fillings and that has helped a lot, but he informed me that it will still be sore for awhile. Dang it!!!! I guess that means another Mormon Mimosa to help my day start off good is calling my name tomorrow morning. Yes I can hear into the future :)

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Monty and Kristin said...

The YW were lucky. My YW...not so lucky! I just go to Albertsons and get whatever is on sale!! Your cinnamon rolls look so good! That's nice to make them for the elders. Sorry about your tooth! Super bummer!! Hope it feels better soon.