Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Any Excuse

Now that my brother Trevor and his adorable family have moved to Henderson
 :( we find any excuse to get together if we are going to be in their neck of the woods. For example if we are going to Costco....We will call them up and have a family reunion at Costco. Can't you just picture it, 3 shopping carts, 5 kids, and 6 adults all shopping together :) It is a site to see.
Last week Amy and I wanted to get the kids out of the house, besides the grocery store. We decided to take them to the Ethel M's chocolate factory and cactus garden or as some else called it "Fall Cactus" (lame). It was close to Kate and the girls and so we invited them too, because everyone needs an excuse or someone to go out with when you have kids. We also invited our new friend Alisi! However when we went to go pick her up, she was still babysitting. We tried to wait for a half an hour to see if the mother of the child would come, and unfortunately she didn't. So Alisi was unable to come with us :( next time!
Trevor though had gotten off work a little early and he was home when Kate was getting ready to leave and He came along with us. Although we sure missed Alisi company we had a nice time.

The weather was nice and and the small chocolate sample was great too!


Katie B said...

Don't hate on the "Fall Cuctus" thing, I know you would have taken the same approach if I hadn't beaten you to it!!! :)

James and Cindy said...

lol :)

Monty and Kristin said...

So funny! Yeah, I get similar looks when I walk into places with 5 boys and just ME!! Glad you are enjoying your family.

hayLa said...

i wish we were a lot closer to each other where we could do that. but that is awesome and lots of fun. we use to do that with sonny and lulu. love the pics.